Apr 292014
The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour

The Amazing Spiderman 2 hits theaters this weekend. To promote the highly anticipated superhero film, popular online stuntman Ronnie Street Stunts donned a Spiderman costume and hit the streets to perform outrageous and extreme parkour stunts, jumps, and flips. Ronnie is basically Spiderman in real life!


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Apr 212014
Inventor Creates Spiderman ‘Webshooter’

German laser specialist Anselmo Fan Zero created his very own fan-made Spiderman ‘webshooter’ in honor of the new Spiderman film debuting in Germany. The impressive device is worn on the wrist and fires a small retractable harpoon in place of a spider’s webbing. 

Video demonstrating his device has amassed over half a million views in less than a week, and is further reviewed on Mashable and DailyDot


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Dec 052013
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

If movie goers keep paying, Hollywood won’t stop making superhero movies. And it seems both parties are satisfied to keep this trend going. 

The next superhero movie around the corner is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which will debut May 2014.

Sony Pictures just posted this new trailer for the film which has instantly gone viral with over 2 million hits


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Aug 312013
Spiderman Plays Pickup Basketball Part 2

Back in July, Professor Live published video of Spiderman playing street basketball in an apparent pick up game. That original video stands with over 7 million views!

Now, the channel has returned with a second helping of Spidey-basketball. Again, all the players in the video were unaware they would be playing against a web-slinger with serious basketball skills. 

The clip isn’t even a week old yet, but already stands with over half a million views!


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