Jun 102014
Spiders Tune Their Webs Like A Guitar

In this cute animation, NPR explains that the spider is much more musically talented than most people realize. When a spider creates its web, it actually tunes individual strands of thread at a different frequency, just like a guitar! This helps the spider detect and locate a yummy fly on its web, or even an attractive mate. Read more on NPR


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Jan 052014
Yelling At A Spider

This ridiculous video by The Khattori was posted in 2010, and went viral in 2012, but has again resurfaced over the weekend with over 400,000 new views

 The star of the video demonstrates what he accordingly calls Spider Yelling. Strangely, screaming at a large arachnid offers interesting results. 


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Dec 302013
Brave Aussie Demonstrates How To Remove A Giant Spider

Australian YouTuber Durianriders demonstrates how to remove a giant spider after discovering one on his shoulder. 

Instead of freaking out and smacking the enormous arthropod, he calmly walked outside and brushed up by a tree to coax the creepy bug off of him.

Instead, the spider walked up his neck

Still, he remained poised until the spider fully disembarked.

“That my friends is how to remove a spider. Cool, calm, collected.”



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Oct 252013
Simon’s Cat In ‘Scary Legs’

Adorable animated web series, Simon’s Cat, has returned with a special Halloween episode, titled Scary Legs. This time, the cat attempts advise his human friend that a creepy, or perhaps adorable, spider is still on the loose in the living room. 

Happy Halloween!


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Oct 232013
‘Spider On Hand Prank’ Is Pure Evil

Well known online magician and prankster Rahat was extra evil in honor of Halloween, and preyed upon most people’s fear of spiders for his latest prank

With his hands full of books and a mini-cage, he persuaded kind-hearted Samaritans to hold his stack while he quickly tied his shoe. 

After secretly sticking a fake sticky spider on them during the hand-off, he would then disclose the bad news that his tarantula apparently escaped. 

That’s when the good Samaritans discovered the plastic spider and understandably freaked out. 

So mean! Remember, no good deed goes unpunished. 

Happy Halloween!


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