Jun 222013

A giant spider appearing on the monitor made meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Canadian news channel Global BC literally jump.

And who could blame her?

The spider on the camera lens was projected to gigantic size directly above her theoretical head. The other news anchors couldn’t understand why she couldn’t regain her composure, and now her reaction is going viral.


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Dec 182012

Special effects artist XSefProductionX made this hilarious and adorable dancing spider video way back in the summer, but only now has it started to go viral. 

Now, after being featured on sites like Reddit, Arbroath, DailyOfTheDay, BlameItOnTheVoices, and more, the video has quickly garnered over 350,000 views


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Nov 282012

 opens to the camera that he is moving out of Spokane because of spiders. He found a monster, big and scary spider in his bathroom. 

He decided he was going to overcome his fear and kill the spider for infringing on his domain. He impulsively decided on brass-knuckles as his weapon. 

He ended up punching a hole in the bathroom wall

After the act, he made a face to the camera as the depth of what just happened slowly marinated in his mind. Then announced, “I messed up. I messed up! Fff… MOM!”

Now, the two day old video has over 50,000 views


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Jun 132012

While working on his computer,  noticed a spider on the screen. Not wanting to hurt his fellow Earth creature, he turned on the psychedelic music visual on his media player, and sent the little arachnid to another dimension.

The video went viral after being featured on Reddit


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May 302012

We’ve all heard of Spider Pig from the Simpsons Movie, but what about a spider cat? Well with the magic of the Internet, anything is possible. 

 says their kitty Piggy defies gravity and can walk down the side of the refrigerator, even stopping to enjoy the new perspective. Of course, she’s pushing against the wall, but still, that’s amazing! The video is shared on DailyPicks and VideoSift


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