Sep 122013
Speed Kills Your Pocketbook

After being force fed by the news, police, and government that speeding while driving kills, Chris of Six7Films began to have his doubts.

Of course extreme speeding can be dangerous, but can traveling at 40 mph instead of 35 mph really kill, or do the tickets and fees for the minor offense just kill your pocketbook?

Chris made this investigative documentary, Speed Kills Your Pocketbook, to find out. 


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Mar 072013

After going viral with their Back To The Future In 60 Seconds video, animation studio 1A4STUDIO has returned with another speedrun.

This time, they condensed the ultra popular sci-fi thriller The Matrix into a quick one minute dose that’s as simple as taking the red pill.

Or do you choose the blue one?


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May 192012

This Russian driver was speeding in Ukraine and was pulled over by police. While waiting for the officer, the passenger offered to his friend, “Let’s trick him in English, you know they are dumb. – Wow, right! Talk to him in English, yeah?”

When the Ukrainian officer asked for their ID, the driver just kept saying, “Sorry, English,” hoping the cop would just let them go. The idea worked until the cop had his buddy come over and answer the Russians, “Sure, I speak English.” 

When the speeder finally hands over his ID, the cop said, “Oh, Russia Federation,” and with a big smile, “Welcome to Ukraine.”


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