Apr 142014
South West Flight Attendant Offers Hilarious Flight Safety Speech

Most passengers completely ignore the boring flight safety speech given by the flight attendant these days. But just imagine how boring it must be for the actual flight attendant who must repeat the speech countless times, over and over. 

After a while, you begin to lose your mind. 

After one too many speeches, Marty SWA flight attendant apparently lost her mind and began to give an altered speech of her own. The passengers can’t help but crack up at her jokes and now the video is going viral!


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Mar 012014
Obama Jokes That “We’re building Iron Man”

CNN reports that last week President Obama gave a speech at a White House manufacturing innovation event and made a humorous superhero joke. 

“Today I am joined by researchers who invent some of the most advanced metals, designers who are modeling prototypes in the digital cloud… basically I’m here to announce we’re building Ironman,” he joked.

“I’m gonna blast off in a second,”he added. 

The video has since gone viral over the week with over 1.1 million views.  


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Mar 012014
Why Trust Is Worth It

Popular online personality Ze Frank has a powerful conversation with himself about trusting others in this new video made in collaboration with world famous acrobatic group Cirque du Soleil.

Acrobats Alya Titarenko and Gael Ouisse perform beautiful and inconceivable athletic feats while Frank discusses the strength there is in letting go and giving in to trust.

“Trust is like a fork. Not one way, many ways. Physical, emotional, maybe something else.”

Who do you trust?


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Feb 262014
Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before Senate Hearing On Alzheimer’s Disease

Seth Rogen is a popular Hollywood actor and comedian, but he put (most of) the jokes and giggles to the side to testify before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services concerning Alzheimer’s Research.

C-SPAN published this video of Seth’s opening statement for the hearing in which he tells the touching story about his in-laws and their struggle with the dementia disease. 


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Feb 152014
Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay During Human Rights Campaign Speech

Actress Ellen Page has made instant headlines after this speech at the Human Rights Campaign‘s Time to Thrive Conference hit the web. 

Besides for offering support and hope for the Human Rights Campaign, the popular actress came out as gay. 


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