Jul 192014
Walter White in Space

After being encouraged by their fans, TV Tag sent Breaking Bad’s Walter White into space. No, not the real Walter White. Just a bobble head Walter. With the motivational help of a weather balloon, Walter made it all the way to space with a GoPro camera recording the action. This subsequent video has gone viral over the past week with over one million views!


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May 152014
The Moons Of Mars Explained

Mars has a moon? Yes, actually it has two moons, though they are extremely tiny and cute. They aren’t even that round as they are so small their gravity is too weak to properly round them off. Education channel Kurzgesagt explains all there is to know about the moons of Mars in this new video


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May 052014
How Big Is The Moon Really

The moon seems small when looked up at in the night sky. But it’s really not small at all! So how big is our moon really? As educational group Kurzgesagt explains, our moon is actually the biggest in the solar system in relation to its planet and is much larger than Pluto. It may surprise you to learn that China, the US, Brazil, and Europe could all fit on the moon with a little room to spare. 


Thanks Philipp!

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Apr 212014
Falcon 9 Reusable Rocket Takes Off And Lands

It seems every time Space X successfully conducts a new test, the subsequent video goes viral. This latest video demonstrating the brand new Falcon 9 Reusable rocket ship is no exception. Over the weekend, this stunning clip of the rocket taking off and landing upright has already garnered over 2 million views! Read more on BusinessInsider


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Feb 272014
Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Splits In Zero Gravity Space

Remember the hyper viral video by Volvo featuring action actor Jean Claude Van Damme performing the splits on the mirrors of two moving trucks? That video stands with over 70 million views!

Talk about a marketing success. 

Countless parodies were made after the November video went viral, but Linh Mai has only posted this Gravity-themed straggler now. 

It seems the late debut has given him all the attention, and now his parody video has gone viral as well. 


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