Apr 162015
Space X Rocket Almost Successfully Lands On Barge In Ocean. Almost

Private space exploration company Space X almost successfully landed their CRS-6 rocket onto a barge in the ocean. The rocket was returning to earth after helping boost a very large grocery delivery to the International Space Station. Sadly, after a near perfect trip, the rocket hit the landing pad too hard and fell over


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Feb 152015
NASA’s Timelapse Of The Sun Is Stunning

For five long years now, NASA has been recording the sun in unprecedented detail. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is able to record a photo of our solar system’s largest star more than once per second. With that data, they were able to put together this glorious time lapse of the sun. This video has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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Dec 122014
NASA Spoofs ‘All About That Bass’ With ‘All About That Space’

Meghan Trainor‘s hit single All About That Bass has become one of the defining songs of 2014. There have been countless parodies and spoofs posted online by both amateurs and professionals. But now an unlikely candidate has jumped into the parody ring. NASA has just debuted this nerdy spoof of Meghan’s hit, appropriately titled All About That Space.


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Nov 062014
Space Station Astronauts Put GoPro Into Floating Water Bubble

Astronauts spend their time on the International Space Station working on science experiments that can only be done in zero-gravity. But it’s not just hard work and number crunching. In this new video by NASA’s Marshall Center, a group of astronauts create a large bubble of floating water and then put a waterproof GoPro camera inside it. You know, for science!


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