Feb 272014
Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Splits In Zero Gravity Space

Remember the hyper viral video by Volvo featuring action actor Jean Claude Van Damme performing the splits on the mirrors of two moving trucks? That video stands with over 70 million views!

Talk about a marketing success. 

Countless parodies were made after the November video went viral, but Linh Mai has only posted this Gravity-themed straggler now. 

It seems the late debut has given him all the attention, and now his parody video has gone viral as well. 


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Feb 232014
Dad Makes Song Awesome Mission Control Desk

Jeff High Smith of Makezine wanted to make his son a homework desk with an added bonus and was more than successful.

After work is complete, the desk transforms into the coolest spaceship mission control desk any kid could dream of. 

The desk includes countless NASA-themed buttons, buzzers, switches, lights and sound effects. 

Best dad ever!


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Jan 132014
Explaining The Dangers Of Humans

In this trending video, linguist Tom Scott explains the human species as if he were speaking to the Interstellar Safety Council.

Humans are a very interesting species that are capable of multitasking and building incredible structures, but they are also irrational, violent monsters who run on the energy of other lifeforms and require highly flammable Oxygen to sustain themselves. 

The week old video has amassed over a quarter million views!


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Dec 182013
Astronauts Attacked By Monster On The Moon Beans Commercial

Computer animation studio Cinesite has gone viral with this humorous mock commercial for beans. 

A crew of astronauts on the moon are attacked by a giant monster reminiscent of the great Rancor from Return of the Jedi. After the attack, it seems one astronaut may have successfully escaped, but a common reaction from eating beans gives him away. 

The short film, simply titled Beans, has already amassed over 650,000 views, and is featured by TastefullyOffensive, AdWeek, and Neatorama


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