Jul 062014
Foreign Busker Impresses The Locals In South Korea

South Korean YouTuber 염홍섭 posted this video of a foreign street performer impressing the locals with his music skills. The Caucasian guitarist performed a song in fluent Korean, and soon had the entire crowd singing along with him. Over the weekend, this video has amassed over a quarter million hits!


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Mar 132014
Toddler Answers Mom’s Stranger Danger Questions In The Cutest Way

Stranger Danger. It’s not just an American phenomenon.

In this adorable video coming from South Korea, a mother tries to teach her cute toddler daughter what to say if confronted by a stranger who offers sweets and fun.

The thing is, her daughter seems more interested in the cookies and fun than saying no. 

So cute!


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Jan 312014
South Korean ‘Watch Me Eat’ Online Trend Will Have You Asking WTF

There are a lot of outrageous online memes and trends on the Western Web, but South Korea may have us beat. 

Reuters reports there is a new trend in South Korea where girls post videos of themselves gorging on feasts. Some girls have quit their jobs as they make more money posting ‘watch me eat’ videos which are viewed by thousands who say they enjoy the company while eating alone. 

“Some say it makes eating alone less awkward.”

This new report has gone viral with over 450,000 hits!


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Oct 152013
Tom Hiddleston Dancing In Korea

English actor Tom Hiddleston is on a viral video roll!

He just went viral for his impressive impersonation of Owen Wilson As Loki, and now he has surfaced in a new video from Korean TV.

While giving an interview in South Korea, Tom appeased his fans with an impressive dance. 

The clip is quickly spreading across the web, and has appeared on BuzzFeed, TastefullyOffensive, Jezebel, and PopWatch


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Sep 282013
Extreme Taekwondo Trick Kicks

Red Bull, the sponsors of all things extreme, has again gone viral with this impressive martial arts video. 

Over the summer, extreme Taekwondo trick show, Red Bull Kick It 2013, was held in South Korea to celebrate the best of Taekwondo style, art, and proficiency.

After finally debuting this best-of video at the start of the weekend, the clip has already amassed over 600,000 views!


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