Oct 172011

Where there’s a hippie, there’s a drum circle. But you don’t have to be a hippie to be against war. Even most soldiers are just following orders, and are against fighting. This Israeli soldier plays a drum beat on his armored vehicle, and calls for no more war. Peace.


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Sep 202011

Now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has officially been revoked, gay and lesbian soldiers can finally serve their country honorably and openly.  finally gathered the courage to come out to his dad. It’s a little hard to hear, so turn up the volume.  




Update 9/21: ABC news covers the viral video.


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Aug 152011

There are countless cute, sweet, emotional, and funny videos of soldiers being welcomed home by their beloved dogs and pets. This one stands out based on size. This Great Dane is especially great, and when he jumps up, he’s almost as big as his owner.  


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Aug 102011

Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed, soldiers can finally be open about who they really are. Still, coming out to your friends is a very difficult thing to do. Even if you are close, you can never be sure how they will react. Let this be a lesson to all friends. Act like this guy. “It’s all good.”


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Jul 262011

There has been a recent fad online of marines asking celebrities to the Marine Corp Ball. Well, this soldier doesn’t need a date to ball, she’s already engaged. But she and her fiance love Jason Aldean, so she asks the country music super star if he would sing at their wedding.

Well Jason, don’t you love America? I think you have to do it.


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