Jul 082011

Serving in Afghanistan is tough. It’s hot, and there’s sand everywhere. Also, there’s people trying to kill you. Many service people escape by thinking of good times at home. Sergent Scott Waren wants to make his fantasies a reality. He asks celebrity star Mila Kunis to the Marine Corp Ball in this video and we’re all waiting for her response.



UPDATE 7/11: Mila agreed to go!

UPDATE 7/13: It might not work out…

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Jun 242011

There are plenty of graduation videos this time of year, and there are tons of soldiers reuniting with family members videos. What there aren’t many of are soldiers reuniting with a family member at a graduation. Well, this is a great video to take that special spot.

Jessica’s parents told her that her brother Eric couldn’t make it back from Afghanistan in time to make it to her graduation from California Polytechnic State University. They weren’t being completely truthful. So when Jessica walked down the aisle, the ceremony was stopped, and a special guest made an appearance. Cheers were yelled and tears were shed by one and all. Trust me, you will cry too. Good move Poly Tech.

Jessica is called up at 1:00 for you impatient ones.


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Jun 082011

A group of US soldiers just got back from Afghanistan. All they want is to go home to Louisiana. The US Army has a deal with Delta Airlines that soldiers returning home are authorized to carry four bags. But Delta claimed they only allow three bags and charged each soldier $200. Their whole unit spent $2,800 out of their pocket. This does not look good Delta, this does not look good.



UPDATE 6/9/11: The video has been taken down, but here is a link to a copy.

After the video went viral, Delta looked horrible and quickly apologized and changed their policy to allow four bags to soldiers on orders.

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Jun 022011

On Memorial Day, Eddie, who’s been away at war, knew his girlfriend was going to be at the Kansas City Royals baseball game. He planned a surprise proposal, and executed it successfully. She of course said yes, and the crowd loved it. Congrats!



The video sound is blurry, so click here for a better quality video and sound.



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May 082011

Carlton Banks from the 90′s hit show, The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, was known for his ridiculously flamboyant dance moves. A soldier, trying to relieve some stress, dances the Carlton dance. With the added music, it’s perfect. The clip is covered by StuffIStoleFromTheInternet.


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