Nov 112013
Epic Dance Contest At Marine Corps Ball

This entertaining dance video was posted by Gabriel Garcia over a year ago, but has only gone viral now just in time for Veterans Day.

At the US Marine Corps Ball, soldiers took a load off by holding an epic dance contest on the dance floor. Who do you think won?

Copies of the video have appeared on Digg, DailyPicks, and Mirror


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Sep 182013
US Air Force Woman Grabs Fellow Soldier’s Crotch While Being Tazed

Nearly every member of the military goes through the same strenuous tests to become a soldier. This often includes being tear gassed and/or tazered in a controlled environment to become accustomed to the pain one might experience on the battlefield. 

While this Air Force volunteer was being tazered during training, she made an involuntary vice grip like so many tazer victims do. The problem was, she grabbed onto her fellow soldier’s crotch, causing him to experience perhaps more pain than she did. 

Bobbi Moreland caught the whole scene on camera, and now the video is going viral after being featured on DailyPicks, Gawker, and Mirror.  


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Jul 242013

There are so many emotionally charged soldier homecoming videos where tired troops greet their ever-loving dogs that it has nearly become its own genre of viral video. 

But what about cats? Don’t felines miss their human friends as much as their canine counterparts? As is evident from this new video by pointforgotten, obviously not. 


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Aug 272012

The Haka is traditional war cry and dance from the Māori people of New Zealand. Naturally, the New Zealand Defence Forces perform the powerful dance after one of their fellow warriors fall in battle. 

The chanting dance starts off slow, and progressively gets more and more intense. 


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Aug 162012

To the rest of us, going to war can seem exciting, as it has been romanticized in American culture for decades. But for soldiers actually getting ready to deploy, it can be an unsettling, even scary event. 

Thankfully, Elizabeth Laird is always there to make deployment a bit easier. At Forth Hood, she is known as the ‘Hug Lady,’ as she hugs every soldier leaving to or returning from war. 


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