Aug 062014
The Real Homeless Man Experiment Will Break Your Heart

Joseph Costello of Quiet Assassins teamed up with his friend Sandy to create this powerful video. Sandy is a real homeless man who sadly must often beg to get by. Joe and Sandy wondered what would happen if Sandy was dressed like a business man when asking strangers for change for a cup of coffee or a bus ticket.

The results of their social experiment is eye-opening to say the least. Passersby have no problem giving money to a man in a suit, but when Sandy asks for change in his usual attire people won’t even give him the time of day. 


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Jul 252014
Men Try Women’s Makeup For The First Time

Women go through a lot to look nice. But what looks simple is most definitely not. There’s a reason it seems to take so long for your girlfriend to get her makeup ready. To show guys what most women go through, BuzzFeed had their staffers go two face, with half of their face left as usual and the other half done up with makeup. This is gonna be a learning experience.   


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Jul 142014
Asking Homeless Man For A Slice Of Pizza Social Experiment.

Prankster Sam attempted a social experiment that produced surprising results. Sam went to a pizzeria and simply asked diners if he could have a slice of their pizza. They all quickly declined.

But then Sam sent one of his partners in crime to give a pizza to a homeless man. Later, Sam asked the homeless man if he could have one of his slices. What happened next shocked Sam, and has touched the heart of the Web. 


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Jul 112014
Explaining Facebook’s Secret Psychological Experiment

The Internet blew up in an uproar after Facebook disclosed that they had held a psychological experiment on their users last year without their knowledge. But what exactly did they do? Sci Show explains what the whole hullabaloo was about in this educational video.  


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Jun 202014
Identical Twins Chewing Gum Experiment

Beldent chewing gum commissioned this social experiment which is now going viral. At the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires, a slew of twins were placed around a room. One twin was chewing gum while the other simply sat motionless. When asked questions about the twins, nearly 70% of visitors reacted more positively to the one chewing gum. 


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