Apr 082014
Internet Privacy Prank

Inspired by prankster Jack Vale’s Social Network Stalker prank, BuzzFeed took to the streets to freak people out who are lax with their online privacy.

A BF team member asked passersby on the street for a quick interview. Once he had their name, a crew of Internet nerds in a nearby van searched for any personal info they could find online and fed it back to the interviewer via a hidden earpiece. 

Naturally, the interview volunteers were creeped out by the “Facebook stalking in real life.” 

“Wait! How’d you know that about me?!”


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Apr 012014
Homeless Shelter Is Transformed Into Five Star Restaurant

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films has joined with Break’s Prank it Fwd campaign to take part in positive pranks for a change.

For his uplifting prank, he turned the Ascenciaca homeless shelter in Glendale, California into a 5-star restaurant.

Fifty homeless people were blown away when they entered what they thought was their boring old shelter for a low cost meal, and instead were met by fancy linens, black tie waiters, classical music, and a delicious filet mignon steak dinner. 


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Apr 012014
Waitress Gets ‘Pranked’ With Best Tips Ever

Break is well known for their obnoxious pranks. But they feel a little guilty now. To scrub their conscious, they’ve decided to introduce ‘Prank it Fwd,’ a campaign of positive pranks. 

For their opening trick, they found a very special, yet needy, waitress, and simply smothered her in amazing customers with deep pockets. As in big money and other incredible life changing tips

This is gonna be Chelsea’s best day ever!


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Mar 182014
Waiter For The Homeless Social Experiment Will Make You Smile

Public Prank left the gags and silliness behind to do some good

Dressed as a five star waiter, DJ walked the streets of downtown offering homeless people fancy dinners on a silver platter. 

The shock and happiness an unexpected dinner prompts is just awesome.


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