Apr 172014
Story Of One-Legged Soccer Star Will Inspire You

Nico Calabria was born with one leg. Most people would assume he was destined sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But not Nico. From a very young age, he was already playing basketball, swimming, and even rollerskating. 

Soon, he would become a soccer star!

If this story put together by Powerade doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. 


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Apr 092014
Daniel Sturridge Surprises Lucky Kids At School

Liverpool FC soccer player Daniel Sturridge surprised some lucky students in England. The pupils thought they were being interviewed for a video only for the popular striker to surprise them from behind. Their reactions are adorable. 

The two day old video has garnered over 650,000 hits already!


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Mar 082014
Brazilian Soccer Star Neymar Stops Security, Let’s Young Fan Stay On Field To Take Pictures

The Brazilian national soccer team just battled South Africa, but it was this game interruption that has garnered attention on the Web.

On young South African boy ‘invaded’ the field, and was being escorted out by security when Brazilian star Neymar stopped the guards and grabbed the kid.

As can been seen in this viral video by GolazoTV, Neymar and his teammates lifted the young fan up and even took photos with him. 

Lucky kid!


Via YouTubeNation.

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Mar 052014
Amazing Soccer Kick Is Surprisingly Blocked

YouTuber Daslevstoppa6 posted this video waaay back in 2007, but it has only gone viral now with over 800,000 new views!

The quick clip features an amazing trick soccer kick that seems impossible to block. Until the goalie somehow jumps like a Spiderman and actually does block it. 

The crowd expecting the inevitable goal jumped in celebration one second too early only to be left disappointed. 


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Jan 062014
Insane Street Soccer Skills

STR Skill School showcases the best football, or soccer as we call in the US, skills, and they truly lived up to their name with their latest viral video

Séan Garnier hit the streets of London and completely embarrasses volunteers who dare challenge him with a soccer ball. 

The video has over 600,000 views!


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