Jan 292014
Team Fortress Snowball Fight

While everyone else was inside bundled up, online digital studio Corridor Digital was outside filming in the polar vortex. 

They merged the characters from the popular game Team Fortress with the snow to put on an epic snowball fight


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Jan 082014
Throwing Snowballs At People At The Beach In LA

Most of the country is still freezing, but things so are nice in Los Angeles that Jimmy Kimmel even “had the air conditioner on last night.”

To please all of his shivering viewers, Jimmy sent his goofy Cousin Sal to Santa Monica to interview beach goers with the intention of throwing snowballs at them

That’ll show them for having a good time while the rest of us freeze!


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Dec 082013
Rowdy University Of Oregon Football Players Swarm And Pelt Cars With Snowballs, Even Throw Snow In Professor’s Face

This video by the Daily Emerald has instantly gone viral.

After a rare snowfall in Willamette Valley, a group of University of Oregon football players organized a snowball fight which quickly got out of hand.

A mob of students ended up stopping a few cars and pelted them with snow, even going so far to cover the windshields with piles of snow. 

One of the drivers was a patient professor who made the mistake of getting out of the car to confront the students, but ended up getting pelted in the face by a football player.

Read more on Daily Emerald


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Feb 112013

Pranksters Roman Atwood and Dennis teamed up for a great snow-themed prank that is so simple, yet so genius.

They held small white balloons in their hands with a dash of snow, and threatened defenseless passersby on campus with a ‘snowball’ to the face. The balloons really look like snowballs.

Every time they threw one, the prank victims would try to hide their face or block the incoming ‘snowballs.’ But they quickly realized how slow the projectile was travelling. Some laughed, but others were grumpy. 


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