Feb 132014
Olympic Skiing Attacked By Imperial AT-AT Walkers

What if the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics were held on the ice planet of Hoth from the Star Wars universe?

Imperial AT-AT walkers would no doubt use the skiers for target practice like in this nerdy spoof by Natholdetpaatv2

The video has instantly gone viral with over 750,000 views!


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Feb 122014
Human Bowling

Sick of the snow? Well, it won’t be long before the sun is out, the temperatures are high again, and people will be complaining about the humidity.

Devin Supertramp and his buddies are enjoying the white stuff while they can. They teamed up with Bear Naked to hold an epic game of human bowling in giant Zorb balls in the snow. 


Music is We Came to Party by Con Bro Chill.


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Feb 102014
Winter Runner Slips After News Interview About Snow Jog

This news reports by Portland, Oregon news station KOIN News has gone viral over the weekend with over 200,000 hits

While reporting on the snow storm in North Portland, Lisa Balick bumped into two runners from California who claimed the weather was perfect for a jog. 

“It’s the perfect texture for running. Very low impact,” said Chelsea coolly.

But after the short conversation, she took a serious slip which was caught on camera as the two jogged away.

“Oops. That can happen,” Lisa casually said as if she was waiting for the fall. 


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Feb 102014
Dog Jumps Up And Down In Excitement To Start Sled Race

Kris Kaiser posted this video a year ago, but it has only gone viral now with 125,000 new views

At the Apostle Island Dog Sled Race in Bayfield, Wisconsin, the lead dog of one sled pack was so excited to race, he was literally jumping up and down in excitement and anticipation!


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Feb 072014
Subaru WRX Pulls Stuck Police Car Out Of Snow

This video by K Braun demonstrates just how helpful AWD can be in the snow.

Even though the Subaru WRX is a sports car, and not made for utility, Subbie owner Bobby was able to pull a Michigan police cruiser out from a snow bank in just a few seconds. 

“Nothing like a flat 4, AWD to pull out that V8 RWD car,” he exclaims. 

Now that’s a car commercial.  


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