Feb 072014
Subaru WRX Pulls Stuck Police Car Out Of Snow

This video by K Braun demonstrates just how helpful AWD can be in the snow.

Even though the Subaru WRX is a sports car, and not made for utility, Subbie owner Bobby was able to pull a Michigan police cruiser out from a snow bank in just a few seconds. 

“Nothing like a flat 4, AWD to pull out that V8 RWD car,” he exclaims. 

Now that’s a car commercial.  


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Feb 072014
Four Year Old Shoveling Adorably Begs ‘Jesus, Make It Warm’

We’re all a little sick and tired of the snow and the bitter cold. It’s been an extreme season.

This four year old is especially tired with the cold and is done with all the snow shoveling. 

After sighing with exhaustion, the young lad puts his shovel down, looks up towards the heavens and cries, “Jesus! Make it warm!

Amen little guy. Amen. 


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Feb 062014
Giant Panda Plays In Blizzard

Toronto was just slammed by a winter snowstorm, but the giant panda Da Mao at the Toronto Zoo wasn’t complaining. The zoo captured the panda having a ball in the record-breaking snowstorm on their security cameras, and now the video is going viral. 


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Feb 062014
Minnesota Family Builds Giant Luge Track In Their Backyard

Most of the country is sick and tired of all the snow this season, but one Minnesota family is taking advantage of all the white stuff.

KTNV Channel 13 reports that one Cologne family has built a wild luge ride in their backyard that can compete with amusement park attractions.

Dad is understandably the coolest father on the block.  


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Jan 312014
Polar Bear Cub Introduced to Snow for the First Time

The Toronto Zoo‘s adorable new resident went viral three weeks with over 5 million views!

Now, their precious polar bear cub has finally had his first taste of snow. Naturally, he loves it like a fish in water. 


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