Nov 192014
Lake Effect Snow In Buffalo Time Lapse Is Beautifully Terrifying

Much of the United States is shivering after an arctic blast swept across most of the country. Many states have already seen snow, but no one has it as bad as Buffalo, New York. On Tuesday, attorney Alfonzo Cutaia took this time lapse from his office window of Lake Eerie as the lake effect snow storm sucked up moisture from the lake and pummeled the city with snow. Incredible. And the ‘fun’ is only just starting


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Nov 122014
Crazy Canadian Riding Motorcycle On Snowy Road

While driving down a snowy back road in New Brunswick, JD Fowler couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a man riding a motorcycle, even though there had just been a snow storm and it was freezing out. No big deal. Just another regular day in good old Canada. 


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Jun 072014
Car’s Air Conditioner Seems To Produce ‘Snow’

Ben Kraus and his girlfriend were going for a drive in her new Chevy when something crazy happened. They noticed grey smoke coming from the vents. Upon further investigation they realized it wasn’t smoke or poisonous gas. It was snow! A/C techs have noted that their car’s A/C was most likely over-charged and malfunctioning. It was producing such cold air that the moisture was freezing into ‘snow!’


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May 182014
Puppy Takes Horse For A Walk

Dogs are usually the ones who are taken for a walk on a leash, but that’s not the case in this adorable video whic was posted at the end of 2012. In the cute clip, little puppy Walker takes the much older horse Tucker for a walk through the fresh white snow. Sadly, animal owner Zhaan35 explains that Walker has since passed after a car accident. Thankfully, this cute video lives on as a legacy to Walker. 


Via ViralViralForums

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Apr 162014
Joakim Noah finds out it’s snowing outside in Chicago

Many in the Midwest were surprised to learn there was snow in the forecast earlier this week in the middle of April. Didn’t we have enough snow already this season?!

Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah was being interviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times when he started discussing how it’s a great time of the year as the sun is shining and it’s warming up outside. 

That’s when he was told it was snowing outside. Suffice it to say, he was not happy to hear that… 


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