Jan 292014
Team Fortress Snowball Fight

While everyone else was inside bundled up, online digital studio Corridor Digital was outside filming in the polar vortex. 

They merged the characters from the popular game Team Fortress with the snow to put on an epic snowball fight


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Jan 232014
Stampede Of Polar Rabbits Run Away From Snowmobile

Russian YouTuber Leonid Shipovalov was snowmobiling in Siberia when he happened upon a herd of white rabbits.

Naturally, the bunnies took off, but not before he grabbed his camera and hit record.

The shaky video has appeared on DailyPicks, TheAwesomer, and Digg.


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Jan 162014
Pack Of Dogs Adorably Play In Polar Votrex Blizzard Aftermath

Doggy daycare center Camp Fido located in Kalamazoo, Michigan was slammed hard by last week’s polar vortex Hercules blizzard.

Finally, after the bitter cold left, KJ Mulholland was able to let their pack of dog ‘campers’ out in the backyard to play in the white stuff.

Their pent up excitement is adorable and palpable.


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Jan 092014
Giant Ice Balls On The Coast Of Lake Michigan

The crazy cold polar vortex from Canada has caused some very strange natural phenomenona. 

One being the giant ice boulders that formed on the coast of Lake Michigan as the wind blew the ice onto the coast of the Glen Arbor.

DailyPicksAndFlicks explains that small ice chunks “grow layer-by-layer, getting shaped by the waves before washing up on Lake Michigan shore.”  


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