Dec 062013
Canadian Couple Blow Bubbles Outside At -45 Celsius

This adorable video was posted by Ted Goossen in 2009, but it has only gone viralviral now, instantly amassing over 350,000 views

It may not seem the case, but Ted explains that “there are many things you can do for excitement in Thompson, Manitoba” when it’s -45 Celsius.

One of those things is to go outside with only a hat and blow bubbles with your wife!

Because of the extreme temperature, the bubbles quickly freeze and deflate. 

For the climax, he gets a cup of boiling water and makes instant steamy snow as the web has seen before


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Dec 022013
Dog Adorably Cheats In Snow Maze

Andrew Himelson and his family posted this video on the first day of 2013, but it has only gone viral now. 

After a rather large snow fall, the family dug a snow maze for their adorable pup Geno to play in.

They temped Geno through the maze by having ‘daddy’ stand at the end, but when Geno came to a snow wall, he simply innovated and jumped right over. 

Geno, you adorable cheater you!


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Nov 252013
Realistic Disney Animation Of Snow

Disney isn’t just famous for their award winning music and iconic characters. For years, they have been at the forefront of advancing animation technologies. 

For their latest movie FrozenDisney Animation worked diligently to create ultra realistic CGI snow, and demonstrate their new tech in this video by throwing snowballs at walls, destroying snow castles, and more. 


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Sep 042013
Monkey Wearing Tiny Coat Plays In Snow

Russian YouTuber Svetlana Akishina actually published this adorable animal video in February, but the video has only exploded online now. 

The one minute video features a tiny monkey so bundled up to stay warm in the Russian winter that can only move by bouncing around. 

As expected, viewers seemed torn between the cuteness of the clip and the fact the small ape may be scared or uncomfortable. 


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