Sep 042013
Monkey Wearing Tiny Coat Plays In Snow

Russian YouTuber Svetlana Akishina actually published this adorable animal video in February, but the video has only exploded online now. 

The one minute video features a tiny monkey so bundled up to stay warm in the Russian winter that can only move by bouncing around. 

As expected, viewers seemed torn between the cuteness of the clip and the fact the small ape may be scared or uncomfortable. 


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Sep 032013
Flutist Lulls Hibernating Bear Back To Sleep

At the end of last year, Pinecone Lodge posted this amazing nature video, but the clip is trending now more than ever. 

After discovering a restless brown bear behind one of their cabins, one musician decided she would act as Sand Man, and lull the great beast to sleep with her flute. 

One recommendation. If you’re going to attempt to lull a hibernating bear to sleep, try not to scream to your friends at the top of your lungs, “Guys! You gotta come out and see this! I can’t believe it, he keeps waking up!!”

Maybe because you’re screaming perhaps?


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Jul 012013

This upbeat music video by Canadian musicians Bowser and Blue was published over five years ago, but is trending again now over the Canada Day holiday. 

The two men, one on guitar and one on harmonica, sing about how glad they are they live in Canada, touting their country’s policies that differ from their neighbor to the South. 

“There’s a test you have to take to be a citizen. Would you like to be Canadian. Ya! OK, you’re in!” they sing. 

Happy Canada Day!


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May 122013

Cari Scholtens posted this video over five months ago, but it has only exploded online over the weekend.

Like the viral video of a frozen lake that gave off out-of-this-world sounds, so too does this new video feature ice emitting science fiction like noise.

While under the lens of the camera, Cari threw a golf ball onto the frozen lake. The ball bounced, gave off an incredible sound, and continued to bounce down the lake in ever shrinking iterations.


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May 062013

Cassandra Brooks was on an icebreaker boat traveling through the Ross Sea, Antarctica for two long months. The entire time, the special camera on top of the Nathaniel B. Palmer icebreaker has recording constant footage. 

She condensed the extended film into this epic five minute time lapse that has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over 100,000 views. Cassandra narrates the video, discussing all the different types of ice and scenery she and her team encountered in a soft and calming voice. 


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