Dec 142013
Cheetah And Dog Play In Snow

Cats and dogs are arch enemies, right?

Well don’t tell that to this duo at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Savanna the Cheetah and Max the dog have been friends since Savanna was a cub. Now, the two are still best friends, and love to play. Especially in the snow!


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Dec 122013
‘Would You Kiss Me If It Started Snowing’ In Arizona Prank

Last Christmas season, YouTube prankster Stuart Edge exploded online with his mistletoe prank where he had his wingmen lower a mistletoe over him and his interview subjects, and then asked for a kiss. 

That video now stands with over 24 million views!

For the much anticipated sequel, he and his buddies traveled to Arizona State during a big ASU football game to look for love again.

To top last year, he had a snow machine previously set up, and asked girls if in the unlikely event it magically started snowing they would kiss him.

Naturally, they were shocked when it started to snow in Arizona.


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Dec 112013
Massive Pileup On Wisconsin Highway 41/45 During Snow Storm

Wisconsin was slammed with a major snow storm on Sunday, causing a massive pileup crash on highway 41/45.

Only after the giant 40 car chain reaction crash were authorities able to close the highway for hours. 

WISN 12 News posted this video of the dramatic scene. 


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Dec 082013
Rowdy University Of Oregon Football Players Swarm And Pelt Cars With Snowballs, Even Throw Snow In Professor’s Face

This video by the Daily Emerald has instantly gone viral.

After a rare snowfall in Willamette Valley, a group of University of Oregon football players organized a snowball fight which quickly got out of hand.

A mob of students ended up stopping a few cars and pelted them with snow, even going so far to cover the windshields with piles of snow. 

One of the drivers was a patient professor who made the mistake of getting out of the car to confront the students, but ended up getting pelted in the face by a football player.

Read more on Daily Emerald


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Dec 062013
Canadian Couple Blow Bubbles Outside At -45 Celsius

This adorable video was posted by Ted Goossen in 2009, but it has only gone viralviral now, instantly amassing over 350,000 views

It may not seem the case, but Ted explains that “there are many things you can do for excitement in Thompson, Manitoba” when it’s -45 Celsius.

One of those things is to go outside with only a hat and blow bubbles with your wife!

Because of the extreme temperature, the bubbles quickly freeze and deflate. 

For the climax, he gets a cup of boiling water and makes instant steamy snow as the web has seen before


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