Aug 252015
Every Teacher Ever

It’s hard to believe that August is almost over. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were all dealing with the frigid cold and snow. Now, school is starting again. That inspired the comedians at Smosh to make this silly sketch, covering Every Teacher Ever


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Jul 142015
Every Snapchat Ever

Move over Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It seems all of these hot social media apps have all been dethroned for Snapchat. But just like every other online ecosystem, the popular disappearing video messaging app has it’s own inside jokes and idiosyncrasies. The comedians of Smosh breakdown every Snapchat ever in this new ridiculous video


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May 212014
Pokemon Theme Song A Cappela

What 90’s kid doesn’t have the Pokemon TV show theme song memorized? The video gamers of The Warp Zone teamed up with comedy team Smosh to recreate the tune using only their voices. The resulting a cappella song has viewers drowning in nostalgia. 


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Mar 282014
Super Fan Gets Pranked Into Surprise Interview With Emma Watson

To promote her new film Noah, Emma Watson agreed to an interview with popular YouTube channel Smosh

Anthony Padilla and Andrew Hecox decided to capitalize on the rare opportunity to prank their friend Joven of Smosh Games who is a huge Emma Watson fan.

They invited Joven to be apart of the interview, but told him that they were interviewing Logan Lerman.

When Emma walks into the interview, Joven is simply blown away.  


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