Aug 012013

MR. FORTHRIGHT is famous online for offering advice in a brash and harsh style. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He gets straight to the point. So in his latest how to video, he explains like no other how to quit smoking

Some of the tips include dosing yourself in kerosene so “everytime you light up, you will light up.”

Or try using a nicotine patch. On your mouth. “Sealed lips are smoke-free lips,” he says. 


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Mar 202013

Canadian anti-smoking campaign Quit The Denial published this eye-opening PSA under the account Mark atMOH, and already the ten day old video has over 115,000 views

The PSA compares the idea of social smoking with social farting. It may sound ridiculous, but after a woman tells her doctor how she social farts with friends, it becomes clear that both activities follow the same (ridiculous) logic. 

Now, the PSA is spreading across the web faster than ever after appearing on NowMSNTheAwesomer, DailyOfTheDay, DailyPicksAndFlicks.


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Dec 172012

How to perform a task without the necessary tools is a popular topic online. Opening alcoholic beverages without a bottle opener or without a corkscrew is especially interesting.

But using a hammer to light a cigarette? Is that even possible? Well, you also need an iron skewer, but yes, it does work.  


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Jun 212012

Thailand is known for their emotionally powerful advertising, and one such commercial has made it to the Western Internet again. 

 published this hard hitting anti-smoking ad for Thai Health. While being secretly filmed, adult smokers were confronted by child actors asking for a light. Without hesitation, the adult smokers only offered advice that smoking is dangerous, harmful, and bad. 

The children then asked, “Why do you smoke?” and offered a note that said, “You worry about me? But why not about yourself?” The powerful commercial is featured on Google+ and CBSNews


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Mar 232012

People are outraged after reports such as this one by  surfaced about an eight year old Indonesian boy who smokes up to 25 cigarettes a day. He’s not the first child to get hooked on cigarettes, but has come under the spot light recently as there is no age limit for smoking in Indonesia. The new video stands with over 100,000 views, and is featured on Tosh.0.


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