Dec 282014
Grandma Receives Chocolate Smartphone For Christmas

Jordan Graham‘s grandmother is old fashion. Very old fashion. She’s not interested in all of today’s modern cellphones, gadgets, and doohickeys. So when she apparently received an iPhone for Christmas she was a little upset. That was until she realized it was just a chocolate smartphone. Yum!


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Dec 262014
Man Surprises Parents By Paying Off Their Mortgage For Christmas

Programmer Joeyt Riquelme is the creator of the popular video editing iPhone app VideoShop. Now that he is ‘living the life’ he decided to help his parents. He payed off their mortgage completely and surprised them with the news on Christmas. Best son ever! 

This moving video has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Nov 192014
Text Me Merry Christmas Is The Christmas Song For The Smartphone Generation

There are plenty of new Christmas songs each year, but it’s not that easy to make a Christmas song that becomes a classic holiday tune. You know, one that you can repeat each year that still feels relevant. Straight No Chaser may have just made the first Christmas song fit for this new Internet 2.0 generation. Together with Kristen Bell, they sing Text Me Merry Christmas, a catchy tune about spreading holiday cheer via text. 

The song is an instant hit, and already has over one million hits! Get the song from iTunes or Amazon


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Nov 132014
Phone Tips For The Modern Age

We live in a new world where smartphones are now more popular than land-line phones. So when we say phone, we don’t mean that ancient brick plugged into the wall in the living room from the 1970′s, we mean the smartphone that everyone is using, OK? Tripp and Tyler offer some more common sense phone tips for the modern age in this new clip, such as what to do when your call gets disconnected. 


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Nov 052014
Tom Brokaw Receives Breaking Grocery Alert Live On The Air

Iconic news anchor Tom Brokaw is a seasoned journalist if there ever was one. Still, he’s not perfect. During Msnbc‘s midterm election coverage a blaring alarm went off. Rachel Maddow assumed it was sound effects to enhance the show. But Tom took out his phone and admitted that it was his smartphone’s grocery alarm



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