Feb 092014
How To Beat Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has taken the smartphone gaming world by storm, quickly surging to the top app on both the Apple iTunes and Android app stores.

The addicting game is not only fun, but infuriatingly difficult. 

This video, published by Dumb Stupid Videos, demonstrates the secret way to beat the game, and has gone viral with over 3.5 million views in just one week. 

All you need is a hammer.


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Feb 062014
Guessing People’s Cellphone Pass Codes

Back in November, Jack Vale went viral by taking advantage of people’s lax social media security. Now, he’s returned with another devious plan.

Intel recently did research and discovered that over half of cellphone users don’t have a pass code protecting their phones. Many others use basic combinations such as ’0000,’ or ’4321.’ 

With this information, Jack Vale blew the minds of volunteers on the street by guessing their cellphone pass code numbers


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Dec 212013
WIRED Magazine Interactive Print Ad For Moto X

Well this viral video is… strange.

Motorola will have a very special and innovate print ad in WIRED magazine next month.

To promote how users can customize and personalize the body of their Moto X phone, they made an interactive physical paper ad where readers can change the color of the picture. 

Now, this video promoting the print promotion has gone viral. 

Wrap your head around that. 


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Dec 202013
Holiday Dominoes Show Using 2,000 iPhones Truly Sparkles

We are in the 21st century after all, so why are we still making domino sets with boring ol’ pieces of plastic?

Aatma Studio wanted to bring the popular chain reaction tile show into the digital age, so they made this impressive domino set using iPhones.

2,000 iPhones to be exact!

By using smart phones as dominoes, lights and sparkles can be added the mix creating a much more enthralling show that even includes digital fireworks! 

Dominoes will never be the same.


Thanks VideoLad!

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Dec 172013
‘Misunderstood’ Teen Makes Family Christmas Video With iPhone Apple Commercial

This Apple iPhone commercial for Christmas is quickly going viral. 

The advert showcases a family’s holiday get together with one teen boy who seems completely lost in his iPhone. Instead of taking part in reality and sharing the moment with his relatives, he’s stuck in virtual reality. 

But his emotional absence is OK, because he was using his phone to make a Christmas home video the entire time which he shares with his thankful family. 


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