Oct 162014
How To Charge Your Phone With 9 Volt Battery

You never know when something will go wrong and you’ll need to use your phone to call for help. But what do you do when you realize your phone is dead and you’re no where near a power outlet?? Thankfully, the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to charge your phone using those ubiquitous, square 9 volt batteries that always end up in the junk drawer in this video


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Sep 052014
Asking Google How Many Zeros Are In A Googol Has Ridiculous Result

Google’s name was actually inspired by a googol, a number so large, it has 100 zeros. But what happens when you ask Google Now how many zeros are in a googol? As Benjamin Tripp found out, you actually get a very accurate result


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Sep 042014
New SCiO Technology Can Scan Anything Around You

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with data and technology. But there is still a disconnect between our smartphones, the Internet, and the real world. Enter SCiO, a brand new scanning device that connects to your smartphone. The new molecular sensor can read anything, from food, to plants, to medicine, and transmit the chemical data to the Internet.

Their KickStarter was a huge success, and they have already raised over $2.7 million.


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Aug 282014
How To Defend Against iPhone ATM PIN Code Hack

Back in the day, an infrared camera was very bulky and expensive. Today, you can buy a relatively cheap infrared camera to attach to your smartphone. Techy Mark Rober explains that though cheap technology is a good thing, there will always be people who use it for evil.

Using the infrared camera on a smartphone, one could easily figure out what someone’s ATM code is. Thankfully, Mark also explains the simple way to defend from this intrusion. 


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Aug 262014
Smartphone Photography Tips And Tricks

In the past, one had to spend a small fortune on special equipment to take proper photographs. But today, nearly everyone has an amazing camera in their pocket: their smartphones! Photographer group COOPH covers a slew of tips and tricks for smartphone owners to take the best photos with their tech. 


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