May 162015
Look At Your Phone Music Video

Back in the day, only the wealthy had cellphones, and the technology was terribly slow and ineffective. Times sure have changed. Now, even middle schoolers have their own smartphones that have more power than the computers of just a few years ago. 

But are we better off today? Barely Political pokes fun at everyone’s obsession with their smartphones in this humorous music video, Look at Your Phone


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May 072015
Short Animated Film Shows What The World Looks Like When Everyone Is On Their Phone

Today, everyone is on their smartphone. Even kids have smartphones. But has this trend gone too far? People are actually crashing their cars and walking into walls because they are paying more attention to their phones than the real world. 

Min Alxe shows what the world soon might look like if this trend doesn’t stop soon in this viral animated short film


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Apr 262015
Dad Has The Best Way To Get His Kids To Put Their Phones Down During Dinner

Getting the entire family to sit down to the dinner table is hard enough in today’s fast paced world. But now that every kid has a smartphone, it makes having an engaging conversation during dinner nearly impossible. So when one father couldn’t get his kids to pay enough attention to him during dinner to even pass the salt, he came up with the perfect way to get them to listen

Matthew Abeler made this short film, titled Pass The Salt, in 2013, but it trending now more than ever with over 11 million hits!


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Apr 232015
Senior Citizens React To Snapchat

It was only a few years ago that Facebook and Twitter were the weird websites that all the young folks were using and joining. But now they are well populated with uncool older people. Naturally, the younger generation have all migrated to other more obscure social networks like Tumblr, Pinterest, and SnapChat.

So how will senior citizens react to SnapChat, the famous instant messaging smartphone app that erases sent message after a few seconds? The Fine Brothers decided to find out by having their elders try it out


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