Apr 242015
Seat Belt Pretensioner In Super Slow Motion

Modern seat belts are a lot more advanced than they appear. Not only do they stop you from flying out of your seat in the event of a car accident, but many include a pretensioner which holds you down extra tight so you are less likely to be hurt. The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate the power of a seat belt in this glorious slow motion video


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Apr 072015
Match Stick Rockets In Slow Motion

Rockets are fun. But mini rockets are even more fun. There’s just something so entertaining about a tiny little rocket when it shoots off. After seeing Grant Thompson‘s mini matchbox rocket launcher, The Slow Mo Guys decided to try it out for themselves and record the action in super slow motion. Glorious! 


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Mar 252015
Shattering A Spinning CD In Super Slow Motion

These days, it seems the CD is on the same path as the cassette tape. With digital downloads, online streaming, USB flash drives, and bigger and bigger hard drives, they just aren’t needed any more. So the Slow Mo Guys decided to say goodbye one last time to the CD by shattering one in super slow motion.

This is actually the slowest slow motion video the The Slow Mo Guys have ever captured. They spun a CD open at 23,000 RPM and recorded the smashing of it at a mind-blowing 170,000 frames per second. Good thing they wore goggles. 


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Mar 012015
Amazing Archery Shots In Slow Motion

Dustin of Smarter Every Day met one of the most amazing archers in the world. Byron Ferguson isn’t world famous or anything, but Dustin believes he should be. Byron showed off his impressive skills by shooting progressively smaller targets tossed into the air while a slow motion camera captured all the action. Mind blowing!


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Feb 282015
Injecting Ink Into Water In Super Slow Motion

The slow motion artists The Slow Mo Guys are at it again. For their latest video, Gav and Dan injected expensive inks into a tub of water. In real time, the ink art is very enthralling, but in super slow motion, it becomes completely mesmerizing. Gorgeous!  


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