Jan 292015
Inside A Camera In Super Slow Motion

Most people have no idea how a mechanical camera works. The concept is actually quite simple. A mechanical metal shutter passes over the lens to allow light to enter the moment the shutter button is pressed. But how does that look? 

The Slow Mo Guys demonstrate the insanely fast magic going on inside of a DSLR camera in this super slow motion video


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Dec 312014
Tiger Jumping To Catch Meat In Slow Motion Is Glorious

Everyone online knows that cats are extremely agile, lithe, and athletic. That’s just one reason why they are such captivating creatures. Maxime Dehaye was at the tiger exhibit at the zoo when it was feeding time. He was lucky enough to capture the exact moment when one of the tigers jumped nearly as high as the fence to catch a giant hunk of meat. Dinner time! 


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Dec 222014
Fire Breathing In Slow Motion Is Glorious

There’s just something about fire that is so magical. It’s easy to get lost just staring into a camp fire. Naturally, fire looks even cooler in super slow motion. Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys breathed fire using very flammable corn starch and recorded the action in slow motion. The resulting video is glorious to say the least.  


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Dec 092014
Dogs VS Leaf Blower In Slow Motion Are Glorious

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They love to sniff and smell everything they can, especially in the wind as their powerful noses can analyze so much more stinky data. BuzzFeed wanted to see what happens when you blow air into a dog’s face with a leaf blower. To make matters even cooler, they captured the results with a slow motion camera. Simply glorious. 


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Nov 262014
Electric Bug Zapper in Slow Motion Is Gloriously Gross

There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the beautiful sound of the bug zapper extinguishing that one fly that’s been bugging you all day. To get some sweet revenge for mankind, Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys trapped a fly and zapped the little guy under the lens of a slow motion camera. You know, for science! The results are gross, yet viewers can’t look away. 


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