Jun 182014
Giant Bubbles Popping in Super Slow Motion

Now that it’s finally summer time it’s time to play outside. And there are few things as fun as playing with bubbles in the summer. Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys grabbed their super slow motion camera to capture the magic of giant bubbles in slow motion. Just beautiful! 


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May 132014
Swimming Cap Full Of Water Dropped On Head Trick In Slow Motion

Now that it’s finally warmer outside, The Slow Mo Guys decided to take their science experiments to the pool. After seeing a cool trick where a person drops a swimming cap full of water onto another person’s head, Gavin insisted on trying it on on Dan–with the slow motion camera recording, of course. The results are surprisingly cool. 


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May 092014
Aluminium Powder Igniting In Slow Motion

Most people don’t realize that aluminium is highly flammable. It’s just not so easy to light a big chunk of the chemical element at once. But aluminium powder? Ya, that stuff ignites almost instantly. The scientists at Periodic Videos demonstrate just how flammable the metal is in powder form in this slow motion video.  


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Apr 282014
Firecracker Exploding In Super Slow Motion

Pop! What was that? Firecrackers go off so fast, it’s often hard to recognize them. That’s why the Crazy Russian Hacker has slowed things down with his super slow motion camera. He set off a simple pull-string firecracker under the lens of his camera to demonstrate what really happens when things go pop


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