Apr 082014
Fire Breathing With Corn Starch

Most fire-breathers use alcohol for their tricks. But that can be terribly dangerous. The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates in this video the safer alternative of breathing fire using only corn starch. The results are just as fascinating, especially in super slow motion. 


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Apr 082014
Driving Through Puddles In Super Slow Motion

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys collaborated with Scion and race car driver Ken Gushi for their latest project. After dumping plenty of water in the road, the two stood by as the Ken drove his Scion through the giant puddle and created an epic tidal wave. Of course, they captured all the waterworks under the lens of their super slow motion camera. 


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Apr 012014
Water Balloons Busting In Super Slow Motion

The Crazy Russian Hacker filled four water balloons with colored water and shot a wooden skewer through them. He captured the experiment under the lens of a super slow motion camera. The results are simply mesmerizing. 


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Mar 272014
Mousetrap Chain Reaction In Super Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys set up an monstrous chain reaction mousetrap made up of 150 little traps. 

Then, it was up to Dan to slam his arms down onto the traps and set off the epic chain reaction. 

Of course, their super slow motion camera was recording the entire time. 

The results are painful, but oh-so glorious.



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