Sep 032014
World’s Best Basketball Freestyle Dunks Is Epic

Athletic team Lords of Gravity specialize in mind-boggling slam dunks and basketball choreography. They truly live up to their name. Gravity is simply no big deal for the team. To make their moves even more magical, the crew allied with videographer Devin Supertramp to make this dazzling video of the Best Basketball Freestyle Dunks.


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Apr 212014
Top Dunks Of NBA 2013-2014 Season

What gets fans up off their seats cheering more than anything else at a basketball game? A well executed slam dunk! As it’s been a great season, the NBA decided to travel back in time and review the top ten dunks from the past year. Understandably, this list video has gone viral!


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Mar 242014
Tyler Inman Blows The Crowd Away At Slam Dunk Contest

Haven’t heard of Tyler Inman? You’re missing out.

The 6’5” senior at Southwestern Christian University is an up and coming basketball star. He blew the crowd and the judges away at this year’s NAIA‘s All Star Dunk Contest. 

It’s no surprise his eye-popping dunks from the night are now trending. 


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