Jun 182015
The Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie

Most adults don’t want to admit it, but cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. Nearly every Pixar film has been a smash hit at the box office with many of their original films winning prestigious awards. In honor of their latest movie, Inside Out, which is already being celebrated as a work of art, How It Should Have Ended teamed up with animator Only Leigh to review the five stages of watching a Pixar movie. Spot on. 


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Jun 172015
Having A Pet Dinosaur Is The Worst

Everyone is a little dino-happy now that the new Jurassic World film is out. Teresa Richards, Brian White, Laurel Durkan and Brickyard VFX were inspired by the new Jurrasic movie to make this short comedy sketch in which a pet raptor acts like a cat and knocks a man’s bowl of cereal off of the counter. Just to be a jerk. 


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May 292015
Why Full House’s Uncle Jesse Was Actually A Loser

Back in the 1990’s, the first thing every kid did after they came home from school was turn on the TV and watch Full House. It’s no surprise countless Internet users look back at the sitcom through a nostalgic lens and are thrilled that a reboot is set to be made. Uncle Joey was so funny and Uncle Jesse was just so cool. Or was he?

College Humor explains that Uncle Jesse was actually kind of a loser


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May 262015
Bill Nye Explains What The Universe Is Really All About

For years, mankind has looked up towards the stars and pondered what the universe was really all about. Finally, scientists have figured it out. Bill Nye The Science Guy explains in this Inside Amy Schumer sketch that the sole purpose of the universe is to give cosmic guidance for women. All they have to do is ask the universe for help. 


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May 142015
What If Everything Was Bundled Like Cable

Everyone loves watching TV, but it comes at a price. You might like watching CNN for your news, but you’re stuck paying for the entire cable package including Fox and MSNBC. That got Funny Or Die thinking. What if everything was bundled like cable?

When you think about it, it’s a nightmare. Cable companies should give viewers the choice to buy only what they want to watch. Verizon might be doing just that and it’s disrupting the cable business. 


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