Oct 202014
What Drought

Everyone in California is very aware of the drought. Still, the radio, newspapers, and TV insist on reminding everyone to conserve water. Vic Dibitetto is tired of it. He doesn’t even really believe there’s a drought going on. Drought my butt! There’s plenty of water in my glass of sand!


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Oct 172014
What It’s Like To Be Stoned At The Grocery Store

At first it seems like the best idea. After a long session with Mary Jane, a quick trip to the grocery sounds awesome. But more often than not, the adventure turns into a terrifying, over stimulating ordeal. BuzzFeed recreates what it’s really like to go food shopping after a smokey session in this new video. Did we really just spend $100 on junk food? And is it just me, or has someone been following us the entire time?


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Oct 142014
Every Customer Service Call Ever

Customer service has come and gone in America. Nowadays, if any product or service you are paying for fails to meet your standards, be it your computer, ISP, or even favorite snack, you must call the company’s customer service call center to receive any help. As most people know, that rarely ends well. Fat Awesome demonstrates how nearly every customer service call plays out in this humorous sketch


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Oct 122014
Lies All Couples Tell Each Other

Being in love means that there are no secrets. Everything is on the table. Of course, there are always a couple lies that every couple tells each other. You know, those lies that you tell to keep the house in peace. BuzzFeed covers a few of these examples in this humorous video


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