Apr 052016
Dating In LA Is The Worst

Dating is the worst. But it’s especially bad in big hipster centers like LA. Sketch comedy channel Only in HelLA has finally returned to demonstrate how dating in Los Angeles is literally the worst. You might recognize YouTube stars like  Joe Penna, AKA Mystery Guitar Man, Ashley Perez From Buzzfeed, and others. 


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Apr 052016
Best Friends In Rom Coms Are All Alcoholics

Romantic comedies all seem to follow the same recipe. The main character has a problem and their best friend comes to save the day by dropping everything and getting the star trash with a bottle of wine.

But College Humor noticed that this just might not be the healthiest of habits. 


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Apr 042016
Steve Buscemi Stars As John Kasich

The news can’t stop talking about Hillary, Bernie, and Trump. But for some reason, they have given moderate Republican presidential nominee John Kasich the cold shoulder. Sure he’s not as flashy as Trump, but he’s doing decent in the polls. 

Stephen Colbert decided to give Kasich some spotlight, so while hosting actor Steve Buscemi, the two of them recreated a scene of John’s book, Stand For Something. 


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Feb 292016
‘Girls On Facebook’ Showcases The Drama Of Posting A Picture

You probably thought that posting a picture on Facebook just took a click. But behind that click is an emotional drama that many girls go through before, during, and after they post a picture of themselves. 

The girls of LeftOvers demonstrate what really goes on behind the screen in this hilarious sketch.  


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Feb 192016
‘How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps’ Is Really A Story About Long Lost Love

One of the most common issues people in America deal with is losing weight. Nearly everyone is trying to shed a couple pounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, black, white, rich, or poor. So how do you do it?

Buh explains how in this short sketch that starts off obvious and quickly turns into a deep story about long lost love. 

And yes, that was Conan O’Brien for a second. 


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