Apr 202015
John Oliver Spoofs CNN’s Doomsday Video

The news media has recently learned that CNN commissioned a ‘doomsday’ video years ago to air only if the world is really going to end. John Oliver was intrigued by this but was let down by how boring the video was. So he teamed up with Martin Sheen to make a truly epic doomsday video that is more fitting to be the last video to ever air on the news. 


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Apr 122015
Coconut Oil Is The Elixir Of The Gods

Have you heard? Coconut oil is the elixir of the gods. You can use it as a skin moisturizer, wash your hair with it, and even cook with it. The Second City Project pokes fun at this new coconut oil obsession in this new comedy sketch that already has over 600,000 hits.


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Apr 102015
Key & Peele Recap Game Of Thrones In The Best Way Possible

For a while now, the Web has been giddy with excitement over the return of HBO’s popular fantasy series Game of Thrones for the fifth season. Countless others have recapped and reviewed the series to bring viewers up to speed, but no one can do it like Comedy Central‘s Key & Peele. It’s no surprise this new clip is trending. 


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Apr 082015
Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Living in the city has its perks, but one of the worst part about living in the city is sharing an apartment building with loud neighbors. It seems like the people upstairs are always smashing, dropping, and breaking things at all hours of the day and night. 

Above Average interviews the people upstairs in this humorous sketch


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Apr 082015
Jon Snow Makes Dinner Party Really Awkward

Jon Snow is one of the most famous characters on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. Although he is a powerful warrior, he doesn’t make the best dinner party guest as can be seen in this hilarious sketch from Late Night with Seth Meyers. The video has gone viral with over 2 million hits!


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