Jul 212014
Things You Can Only Do When You’re A Toddler

Being a toddler is tough. But it does have its perks. There are somethings you can only do when you’re a toddler, such as cry about cookies and demand attention. As comedians Tripp and Tyler demonstrate in this hilarious comedy sketch, when you’re older the situation can get awkward very quickly. 


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Jul 122014
If Google Was A Guy Part 3

When something works on the Internet why let it go? After two extremely successful viral skits, College Humor has returned with a part 3 in their hilarious If Google Was A Guy series. It seems Google just can’t catch a break from silly users. 


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Jul 082014
What Happens When The WiFi Goes Down Short Film

It’s 2014, so we can all finally admit it. We’re hooked. We’ve been hooked on the Internet since the 90′s, but back then it was just a bad habit. Now, with smart devices, high speed Internet, and easy access to WiFi, things have gotten out of control. So what happens when the WiFi goes down? That’s exactly what director Julian Smith imagines in this trending short film


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Jul 022014
Should You Really Post A Selfie

Selfies have taken over society. It seems everyone is posting the self taken photographs these day, be it celebrities, politicians, or even astronauts. The word has even made it into the prestigious Oxford Dictionary.

But CollegeHumor wants people to be more mindful. The next time you have the urge to post one, you should maybe ask yourself if you should really post another selfie… 


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Jun 232014
The Internet Arguer

The Internet is a great place where people can connect from around the world, communicate, and learn. But there’s a dark side to the Web. Nearly every comment section on every famous website and social network is basically just one large troll war. Worse yet, the troll war can suck even the most rational people in, turning them into obnoxious Internet arguers


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