Jan 222015
If Your Girlfriend Was Actually Crazy

Every guy has claimed that their girlfriend is ‘crazy’ at least once or twice. But they don’t really mean it. It’s just a saying. But what if you were talking to your buddy and realized that his girlfriend is legitimately certifiably insane? College Humor shows us what that might look like in this hilarious new sketch.


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Jan 152015
Patrick Stewart Acts Out The Most Annoying People On A Plane

Travelling on a long flight can be very convenient, but there is a price to pay for moving around the planet so quickly. Besides paying a fortune for the ticket, you must go through long, slow security and check-in lines, and squeeze into a small seat. But above all, the worst part of flying can be the other passengers. 

Travel company Expedia conducted a poll asking travelers who they thought were the most annoying type of passengers to fly with. Jimmy Kimmel has Sir Patrick Stewart act them out in this instant viral video


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Jan 132015
Why Tipping Should Be Banned

Nothing ruins a dinner at a nice restaurant than receiving the check. That’s when the debate over the tip begins. How much should we tip? At what percent? But the service was slow! Well maybe that wasn’t the server’s fault but the kitchen’s!

But have you ever thought about the tipping system? Adam from College Humor explains why tipping should be done away with completely in this new viral video


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Dec 142014
The Hobbit Office

Saturday Night Live‘s most popular sketch this weekend has become a smash hit online. As celebrity guest Martin Freeman is famous for being on the original British version of The Office and playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit trilogy, the writers at SNL ingeniously merged the two franchises together into The Hobbit Office. Hilarious! 


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Dec 142014
Eating An Everything Bagel Will Blow Your Mind

An everything bagel is a popular choice when you want your chewy bread really packed with flavor. But what if an everything bagel actually tasted like everything? As in everything! The University of Pennsylvania’s musical-comedy group Mask & Wig demonstrates what it might be like in this humorous comedy sketch.


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