Mar 302014
Louis CK Stars In Black Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live is famous for their classic Celebrity Jeopardy skits from the past. They’ve changed things up this weekend with Black Jeopardy

Naturally, celebrity guest Louis CK stars in the sketch as the awkward professor in African-American Studies.  


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Mar 272014
‘The Expert’ Comedy Short Is Every Engineer’s Nightmare

If you’ve ever been hired as an ‘expert’ for a corporate meeting, you know the feeling.

The manager and his cohorts want the impossible, and simply don’t understand when you tell them what they want cannot be accomplished in our reality. Physics just doesn’t work that way!

Lauris Beinerts demonstrates this idea in this hilarious comedy sketch, titled The Expert, that already has over 100,000 hits

Anyone who works in a corporate atmosphere will appreciate this hair-pulling, aneurysm-inducing situation.  


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Mar 272014
Bane Cat Is The Perfect Animal Adapation Of Bane

Remember Wolverine Cat? That viral video stands with over 4 million views!

Now, Robs Rants is stepping things up in the superhero pet category with this hilarious sketch featuring Bane Cat. Just when you thought your drink spilling, furniture scratching cat couldn’t get any worse…


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