Sep 112014
Weird Things All Couples Fight About

The thing with relationships is that it’s the little things. The little things can make a good relationship, or more likely break one. BuzzFeed covers all the weird little things that nearly every couple will eventually fight about at one time or another.

Amazingly, this is spot on. 


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Sep 092014
Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong

It seems no matter how simple and common your name is, the college graduate who works as a barista at your local Starbucks just can’t get it right. Who doesn’t know how to spell Chris or Jessica? Well the truth is he does know how to spell your name. As Paul Gale explains in this skit, he’s simply messing with you


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Aug 252014
Amy Sedaris Teaches Jimmy Fallon CPR

Jimmy Fallon had the lucky chance to host comedian and actress Amy Sedaris on The Tonight Show. As Amy had just taken a CPR course, she taught Jimmy how to save someone’s life if they suffered a heart attack or were choking. Many knowledgeably viewers couldn’t help but explain that her ‘lesson’ was all a joke and should not be taken seriously.  


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