Apr 162014
Pack Of Pitbulls Pull Skateboarder

Dog focused Mr.P The Stud posted this awesome video on Facebook way back in 2011, but it has only exploded now with over 40,000 Likes and over 36,000 Shares

Keeping up with your running dogs isn’t always easy, so pitbull pack leader George Evans takes his dogs for a run while riding a skateboard. The resulting activity is basically the concrete version of dog sledding in the snow, and totally rocks! 


Via TheAwesomer

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Jan 302014
OneWheel Electric Skateboard Commercial

Conventional skateboards are soo 20th century. We live in a new digital age, and it’s time our skateboards demonstrate that.

The new OneWheel is a new electronic skateboard made for today. Simply use your body weight to steer and accelerate on the one thick wheeled board, and you’re set.

It’s the next best thing to a hoverboard. 


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Dec 092013
Pocahontas Skateboarder

Pocahontas is of course the Native American who famously saved John Smith. 

Now, she is also a skateboarder. 

For no particular reason except that it’s awesome, pro skater Leticia Bufoni donned a Pocahontas costume, and showed off her sweet moves in this skater video by SK8ONLYTV with Colors Of The Wind from Disney’s Pocahontas appropriately playing.


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Oct 302013
NYPD Try To Stop Skateboarders During Broadway Bomb Skater Event

The Broadway Bomb is a skater event involving thousands of longboard skaters rolling down Broadway towards the Financial District in Manhattan.

This year, the police attempted to literally block the event by putting up nets and arresting skaterboarders. 

The thing is, they weren’t that success as is evident by this amusing viral video of the NYPD-skater clash. 

The clip was posted on YouTube by Shredboard two weeks ago, and has since collected over 900,000 hits!

Benny Hill has never been more appropriate. 

Read more about the event on Gothamist, NYDailyNewsHuffPost, FoxNY, and NetworkA


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