Jun 022016
How To Make A Cheap And Easy DIY Electric Skateboard

By now, you’ve seen those so-called “hoverboards” all over the place. What kind of name is that. In case you want electric power, but you don’t want to look like a fool, Inspire To Make demonstrates how to turn any old skateboard into an electric one. 


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Mar 252016
Aladdin Riding Carpet Skateboard Through San Francisco

What if Aladdin took place today in 2016? Instead of singing to Princess Jasmine, Al would probably text her his love. And instead flying on a magic carpet, Aladdin would probably ride a magic carpet that would powered by an electronic skateboard. That’s exactly what PrankvsPrank brought to life in San Francisco. 


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Mar 232016
Aladdin Skateboarding On Magic Carpet In Tel Aviv

In case you didn’t know, tonight starts the Jewish holiday of Purim. It’s not really like Halloween, but people often connect the two as costumes are apart of the holiday. While driving down the streets of Tel Aviv, one person found the coolest costume ever, a guy dressed as Aladdin riding on a motorized magic carpet skateboard. 


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Mar 192016
Craziest Skateboard Tricks Ever

And you thought you saw the last original skateboarding video online already. But Richie Jackson isn’t your average skater. He proves, once and for all, that there are no rules in skateboarding. Mind blown!


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Jan 282016
Tony Hawk Challenges Amateur Skateboarder For Charity

In case you missed it, Mike Boyd went viral back in November when his video showing him complete the skateboard kickflip trick with no experience hit the Web. It only took him six hours. That video has over one million views!

Now, the skateboard master himself, Tony Hawk, has reached out to Mike in order to raise money for charity. 


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