Jun 252013

Therealjasonborn was riding the bus over the weekend in Austin, Texas when something very strange took place in the road. Skateboarders started appearing everywhere. Soon, they had taken over the street. 

Noticing that the stream of skaters seemed to never end, he grabbed his camera just in time to catch a police car attempting to corral the athletes, only for a slew of daring kids to simply hitch a ride on the back of his cruiser. 


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May 282013

Unknown YouTuber Perky Balls posted this short yet sweet video over the weekend of a cat in a box slowly riding on a skateboard past the view of the recording camera.

Quickly, the clip was picked up by popular sites, such as Mashable, TastefullyOffensive,  WebProNews, and DailyOfTheDay, and now it stands with over 200,000 views.


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May 262013

Neal Unger is not your average senior. Though he has grey hair and and aged complexion, he doesn’t act his age. You can find him hanging out at the skate park, but he’s not there to walk around. He’s on a board just like the kids.  

Adam Herron happened upon Neal at the skate park last week, and took this video of Neal performing a kick-flip and a sissy flop, not the easiest of trick moves. 

Now, the video has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over a quarter million views already. 


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May 192013

Sixteen year old Mitchie Brusco has made a name for himself online and in the sporting world after completing a 1080 on the Big Ramp at the XGames.

Video of the 1080 has already collected over 700,000 views since debuting before the, and is further featured on HuffPost, Stuff, and BroBible


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Feb 162013

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays more people dread than actually enjoy. The social expectations of having a date or wowing your significant other can be enough to crush even the strongest of spirits. 

Chett DeLong had a different plan for Valentine’s. He didn’t bother with the dating or trying to impress anyone. He simply wanted to brighten the day of a few strangers. 

So he donned on an American flag body suit with a GoPro, and skateboarded around campus handing out twenty roses to twenty lucky ladies. 

And just to be clear, Chett “was born fully deaf and got a Cochlear Implant at age 7, so today he is considered hearing impaired.”


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