Feb 072016
Maid Of Honor Raps Speech To ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Sister’s Wedding

Hayley O’Brien was thrilled to be her little sister’s maid of honor of at wedding. But when it came time for her maid of honor speech, she was a little stumped on how to make it special Then it hit like a lightning bolt. Rap!

So she rapped her speech to the classic hip hop beat of Ice Ice Baby. This wedding video has gone viral this weekend with over 400,000 views!


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Nov 172015
Sister Tries To Sell Her Brother To The Pet Store

What older sister hasn’t wished she could somehow get rid of her annoying baby brother? After watching her baby brother running around and screaming, little Rachel explains to her dad how they should sell him to the pet store. 

This precious home video has gone viral with over 650,000 views!


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Aug 142015
Brother Annoys Sister By Lip Syncing To Music On Long Road Trip

There’s no better time for a road trip than the summer. White Rhino just recently went on a long, seven hour road trip with his sister. To pass the time, he enthusiastically lip synced along with his favorite pop hits from now and the past. His sister, ya, she’s not such a fan of his excite. The look on her face says it all.  


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Apr 072015
Little Sisters Eat Sushi After Older Brother Is Too Afraid

Casey Levi had a last piece of sushi left and decided to bet his young son $10 to eat it without gagging or making a face. After two long minutes of build up, the boy finally chickened out. That’s when his baby sister walked by and popped the sushi in her mouth without hesitation. You go girl! Your big bro has got nothing on you!


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Mar 222015
Little Girl Has The Funniest Reaction To News That She’s Going To Be A Big Sister

Telling a young child that they are going to be an older sibling is an important event for both the parents and the child. The Williams Family was very excited to tell their young three year old daughter Kathryn that she was going to be a big sister. So they bought a children’s book to explain the exciting news. They had no idea how Kathryn would react, but they definitely didn’t expect her to say something that would leave dad laughing uncontrollably. 


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