Mar 172016
Taylor Swift And Kanye West Lyrics Swapped

Remember that whole kerfuffle with Kanye West and Taylor Swift when Kanye stole the mic from Taylor after she won an award. That got singer Chad Neidt thinking. What if he took the lyrics from one of those two and sang it in the style of the other?

It might sound something like this. 


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Mar 152016
Three Guys Cover No Diggity

The 1996 hit No Diggity has become a classic. After arriving at the Berklee College of Music, Sam Robbins teamed up with his friends Alex Fansel and Max Grazier to cover the hip hop song with their own spin. 

This music video was posted last October, but has only gone viral now with over 150,000 new views!


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Mar 132016
Ariana Grande Covers Famous Pop Stars For Tidal In SNL Sketch

As Ariana Grande was the guest star for Saturday Night Live, viewers were all waiting for the sketch when Grande would show off her voice. The writers decided to showcase her in a strange Star Trek inspired scene in which music streaming service Tidal was having difficulties and only Chloe the intern, played by Grande, could fix the songs that were missing. 


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Mar 122016
Little Girl Covers Bohemian Rhapsody In The Car To The Best Of Her Abilities

Stephy OD was sifting through old files on her phone when she discovered this adorable gem. A while back while driving her almost three year daughter Millie last year, she captured the little one trying her best to cover the rock classic Bohemian Rhapsody.


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