Aug 012013

Yahoo! Answers is Yahoo’s optimistic attempt at making a social answer website. The concept was good in theory, but they must have forgotten that this is the Internet.

Now, the social site become so full of gags and jokes that it’s often difficult to discern which questions and answers are real or fake.

Either way, it makes for a very entertaining Internet destination.

As one of the biggest fans of the web in the late night business, Jimmy Fallon decided to hold a Yahoo! Answers singing session on his Late Night program. During the bit, he and 5-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald sang some hilarious posts from the answer site to some smooth piano jazz. 


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Jul 252013

Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam was recently at St. Jude Children’s Hospital volunteering, and ended up playing piano with some of the kids.

Dawn Howe‘s eleven year old daughter Breanna is currently battling leukemia at St. Jude, but that didn’t stop her from singing her heart out with Jacob.

With Jake playing the piano, they performed an emotionally charged rendition of Jessie J’s hit single Price Tag that is now going viral! 


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Jul 232013

The popular Barack Obama musical dubbing channel Baracks Dubs has finally stepped out of the box. This time, Obama has stepped to the side to allow President Clinton a chance to ‘sing’ a pop song.

Naturally, Clinton ‘sings’ the popular womanizing song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and is instantly going viral. 


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Jul 202013

Any regular viewer of Late Night knows that Jimmy Fallon is absolutely obsessed with nostalgia from the 90′s.

As a huge fan of the 90′s favorite Full House, Jimmy was able to schedule a reunion of Uncle Jesse’s TV band Jesse & The Rippers on his show. 

John Stamos finally had the opportunity to put down the yogurt spoon and pick up the guitar again to perform a slew of classic FH tunes in this new viral video.  


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