Nov 042013
YouTubers Sing Procrastination The Musical

Nearly a year ago, the musical masters at AVbyte went viral with their Procrastination Musical that now stands with over 1.2 million views!

Now, they have enlisted a slew of famous YouTubers, such as iJustineVSauceMegan And Liz, and more, to recreate the song with a YouTube twist. 

It’s the Procrastination Musical: YouTube Edition


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Nov 032013
German Band Rakede Performs Table Concert

German rock band Rakede has gone viral with their impressive week old video, Tischkonzert, or Table Concert

They only employ empty beer bottles, a table, and their voices to produce a one of a kind sound that the web is loving. After appearing on popular forums such as b3ta and Reddit, the week old music video has quickly caught viral fire today.

Redditor Lasersauce was kind enough to roughly translate the song into English. 


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Oct 312013
Sad Clown Covers ‘Royals’ By Lorde

Musician Scott Bradlee is the head of The Postmodern Jukebox, and is well known on YouTube for delivering one-of-a-kind pop music covers.

When they decided to cover the newest one-hit-wonder Royals by Lorde, they had to truly think outside the box to stand out from the crowd of countless covers. 

So Scott invited Puddles, the seven foot tall sad clown with the golden voice, to perform with his crew.

Ya, this is definitely not your standard cover


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Oct 292013
American Girl-Canadian Boy A Cappella Mash Up By Bonnie McKee And Mike Tompkins

Pop sensation Bonnie McKee has teamed up with popular YouTube vocalists Mike Tompkins to perform a special a cappella cover of her hit single American Girl

With only their voices to create all the instrumentals, the two seamlessly meld Mike’s Canadian heritage into the hit song to perform a one of a kind American Girl-Canadian Boy mash up which is already trending. 


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Oct 292013
Virgin America Safety Music Video Starring Todrick Hall

Pop and YouTube sensation Todrick Hall is on a viral video roll!

He just went viralviral yesterday with his Disney villains in a Broadway musical video

Now, with the help of Todrick, Virgin America has followed the steps of Air New Zealand to produce a flight safety video that is just as entertaining as it is informative.

Instead of lifelessly instructing passengers on flight safety, the Virgin America team dance and sing directions with Todrick Hall and Madd Chadd.

The brand new music video is already featured on Mashable, RightThisMinute, and Variety


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