Jun 172013

The online fad has grown so popular, even The Man of Steel is taking part of a Draw My Life video. Like all the other before him, ‘Superman’ tells the story of his life using stop motion drawings to aide in the conveying of his fable. 

For a twist, musical-obsessed AVbyte not only made this Superman Draw My Life video, but also had The Defender of Earth sing his life story. 


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Jun 162013

Last week, San Antonio native Sebastian De La Cruz sang the Star Spangled Banner at the third game of the NBA Finals. Even though he did a great job, he was hit by a wave of negative press online.

His story quickly went viral, and now the news report covering him has over 3.4 million views

To show their support, the NBA invited Sebastian back to sing the National Anthem at Game 4. His most recent performance has gone viral as well, and already stands with over 1.75 million views.


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Jun 152013

FOX San Antonio is the publisher of this week’s most viral news report. 

Sebastian De La Cruz had the once in a life time opportunity to sing  the National Anthem at Game three of the NBA Finals in a Mariachi outfit earlier this week. But after doing a great job, especially for an eleven year old, he was hit by a storm of negative tweets online, just because of his family’s country of origin. 

Now, the video has been seen over 2 million times


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Jun 142013

By now, even the most apathetic have heard the news that government is–and has been for a while now–spying on innocent Americans.

All the usual political pundits have added in their two cents, but now an unexpected Internet face has stepped on stage.

As a spoof of the recent events, and as a early celebration of the Fourth of July, Laina, better known as Overly Attached Girlfriend, dressed up as Uncle Sam and sang a reassuring song to calm the American people to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner


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