Jun 022013

There’s not much cuter than a baby musician. This two year old tyke is already getting a hang of the guitar as he practices with his dad, performing the timeless classic Don’t Let Me Down together.

Learn from this case fathers. Baby’s need The Beatles, not Justin Bieber. 

The cute father-son video was posted by Painel Pop, and has been trending over the weekend.


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Jun 012013

It was only a matter of time. After initially going viral covering Nicki Minaj, little Sophia Grace Brownlee has become an Internet staple, being invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres program countless times and starring in a slew of viral videos.

Now, the British princess has finally debuted her own official pop music video over the weekend that is quickly going viral, titled Girls Just Gotta Have Fun


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May 302013

It’s no secret that countless singers on YouTube are shooting for the stars. But with so many singers and celebrities online, it’s hard to stick out from the crowd.

Thankfully, popular YouTuber Ryan Higa explains How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists to help his fans find their voice.

He covers the singing secrets of all the stars, which is mostly just auto-tuning or good looks. 


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May 302013

This FamilyFeud video was published online back in January, but has just experienced a second viral surge of viewership. 

During the final round, Steve Harvey asks Amanda how many inches is the perfect woman’s waste according to men.

When she incorrectly answers 34 inches instead of 24, Steve starts to mumble the famous line “36-24-36, what a winning hand,” from the timeless classic Brick House by The Commodores. 

Soon, Steve, Amanda, and the entire studio audience are singing and dancing Brick House.

“Ok, alright. We got a little carried away there.”


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