Oct 202013
New York Bartender Covers ‘Creep’

NSFW language

Cody Littlewood and friends were at the Brandy’s Piano Bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan around closing time, and luckily caught the best act of the night.

One of the bartenders took to the microphone and ripped a killer cover of Creep by Radiohead that had drinkers cheering and now has online viewers ‘liking’ and sharing. 

The video is going viral over the weekend, and is featured on DailyDot, HuffPost, and Heavy


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Oct 202013
Country Cover Of ‘Royals’ By Lorde

There’s no doubt that Royals by newcomer Lorde has quietly been growing online as one of the most popular pop songs to cover. But how many times can viewers hear the same song covered with just a different singer?

The viral community craves novelty and uniqueness. 

And they’ve found it in this new cover by small time country band The Beef Seeds. The band added a perfect amount of twang and bluegrass to the song to tickle listeners’ ears in a new way, and are now rightfully going viral!

The music video is trending through the weekend, and is featured on LaughingSquid, Mashable, and HuffPost


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Oct 192013
Dolly Parton Rapping On The Queen Latifah Show

The web is asking ‘WTF?’ after this new video of Dolly Parton rapping on the Queen Latifah Show has gone viral!

The famous country singer donned a blonde Afro wig, and performed a special hip-hop-country hybrid song for studio guests and now the world. 

The rap is quickly spreading across the web, and is further reviewed on Gawker, EOnlineLaughingSquid, HuffPost, and LATimes


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Oct 182013
Serenading Random Girls During University Lecture

The crew of Nelk Filmz traveled to a slew of Canadian universities, and walked into completely random lecture halls during class. 

They quickly chose one girl in the room, even a female professor, and began to serenade her with flowers and a love song with an acoustic guitar.  

This takes guts.


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Oct 152013
Japanese School Kids Sing ‘Day Man’ From Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This adorably strange clip was posted over a month ago by Man Bear Pig, but has online exploded online today, appearing on UpRoxx, Gawker, PopWatch, and Metro

The clip features a class of Japanese school children singing the song Day Man from the popular show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Why they are singing the adult-themed song, and why there is a picture of Peter Griffin behind them remains a mystery. 

The video has instantly amassed over a quarter million views in just one day. 


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