Jun 232014
Super Mario Bros. 3 A Cappella

Super Mario Bros. 3 for the original Nintendo is still one of the most popular and famous Mario games out there. The game play, the styling, and the music are still fresh to this day. Video game a cappella singer Smooth McGroove has honored the game by covering the timeless music from the first level in this new a cappella performance


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Jun 232014
Sam Smith Sings “How Will I Know” By Whitney Houston

British singer-songwriter Sam Smith has been trending through the weekend after debuting this cover video on the official Sirius XM YouTube channel. Sam covered the Whitney Houston classic How Will I Know, and knocked the early 90’s pop song out of the park! The video has already surpassed over one million hits


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Jun 182014
My OCD Music Video

Is there anything more annoying than a picture frame that is off center? Or how about a bag of chips opened upside-down? It’s enough to drive even the most normal of people to insanity. Comedians and musicians Rhett & Link sing about things that tickle everyone’s OCD monster in this new music video.  


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Jun 172014
Street Performer In France With Unexpected Voice

Lucas Fuchs was strolling through the streets of Strasbourg, France when he stumbled upon a street performer. But this musician was special. Not only could he sing beautifully, but he switched between two distinct voices. This video has instantly gone viral with over half a million hits


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Jun 142014
Police Lip Dub Katy Perry’s Dark Horse In Patrol Car

Ever wonder what the cops do when there’s no crime going down? They’re just like us! When officers Aerial Ronell and Ranell Roy of the Rosenberg Police Department have down time in their patrol car, they like to break out the Katy Perry and sing along! This video of two officers lip syncing Katy Perry’s Dark Horse has instantly gone viral as the weekend begins, and has already amassed over 200,000 views!


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