Feb 122015
Simon’s Cat Tries To Woo His Valentine With Butterflies

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people anymore. Simon’s Cat wanted to impress his girlfriend too. So he pushed a present to her window and surprised her with a bunch of fluttering butterflies. How romantic! Except his girlfriend decided to eat one of them… 


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Dec 062014
Simon’s Cat Gets Catnip For Christmas

Simon’s Cat is without a doubt the Internet’s favorite cartoon cat. Sorry Garfield, your days are over. In this cute holiday special, Simon’s curious cat gets a bag of catnip from Santa, and proceeds to make a mess of things as usual. Oh you silly kitty.  


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Oct 092014
Simon’s Cat In ‘Scaredy Cat’

Watching a scary movie while home alone is never a good idea. Just a strong breeze outside can be terrifying. But it’s even scarier watching a scary movie at home with just the cat to keep you company. Simon learns this the hard way as his cute cat accidentally scares him during scary movie night in this silly short film, Scaredy Cat


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