Apr 242014
Pulling Things From People’s Hair Prank

JStuStudios teamed up with DJ from Public Prank to pull off this hilarious prank at the grocery store. One of them would approach a stranger and inform them that there was something in their hair. When they went to pull it out, their partner in crime would hand them off a ridiculous object, such as a pineapple, to make it appear that was in their hair. 

The prank is silly, but was actually executed very well. The week old video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Apr 232014
Bug Stuck In Infinite Loop As It ‘Walks’ On Small Speck

This beetle is either working out, or stuck in an infinite loop. As it lies on its back, the little bug tries to walk on a small speck, but only spins the crumb round and round. Zain the pain claims he saw the bug doing “this for over three hours.”

Ya, this bug definitely needs to be turned off and back on again. It’s stuck in a loop error


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Apr 232014
Smart Dog Plays Fetch With Himself Using Stairs

This clever Jack Russell Terrier named Sid Russell loves to play fetch, but has no human to play with. But that’s ok. Sid has figured out how to harness the power of gravity to play with himself! He simply drops his tennis ball at the top of a flight of stairs and runs down. He’s got the perfect touch so the ball only starts to roll once he’s down the steps waiting to catch it. 

Smart pup. 

The video was posted by Mark Watts-Jones in 2011, but is trending again now, even appearing on the popular blog 22Words.  


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Apr 232014
Fingersnapping Super Mario Theme Song

Sure, you can snap your fingers. But can you snap your fingers to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme song? Probably not. 

Swedish nerd Emil Axelsson can! Watch as he covers the classic Nintendo video game tune we all love with just his fingers. Nice. 


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