Feb 112014
Game Of Thrones Season 4 Foreshadowing

HBO has just debuted this 15 minute teaser for the fourth season of the ultra popular Game of Thrones series which has instantly gone viral. The video takes a look back over the past three seasons, and also gives fans a glimpse of what’s up ahead. 

The short film has already amassed over 3.75 million hits.


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Feb 102014
A Video About Video Game Graphics

Cubes are literally the essence of video game graphics. The first games were literally just tiny pixel squares bouncing around, such as Pong and Asteroid.

But we’ve come a long way since those days.

The Hamster Alliance tells the complete story of video game graphics in this short, Cube: A Video About Video Game Graphics.


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Feb 082014
Thai Short Film ‘My Beautiful Woman’ About Mother And Daughter Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Thailand is famous online for their unorthodox commercials. Instead of fast paced, 30 second adverts, Thai companies often create longer short films that tug on the heartstrings of viewers.

This short film sponsored by WacoalThailand and posted online by SocialCam is one of those commercials. 

The emotional short, titled My Beautiful Woman in English, tells the true story of a young single mother and the strong bond she has with her daughter. 


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Feb 042014
Apple’s Tribute To 30 Years Of Technology Will Inspire You

Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Apple Macintosh computer, and kick started a new age of technology. 

In honor of three decades, Apple sent 15 camera crews with iPhones around the world to capture people from Melbourne to Los Angeles engaging in the world with Apple products. 

They put together this short film, simply titled 1.24.14, from the 70 hours of footage. 

Here’s to another thirty years


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