Jul 272012

The Discovery Channel teamed up with ITM Instruments, the makers of super slow motion camera, The Phantom, to capture amazing nature footage.

For the up coming Air Jaws Apocalypse, premiering on August 12th, the crew of daring cameramen took to the sea and caught some terrifying shark attacks in glorious slow motion

The viral video is featured on Digg, HuffPost, and MostWatched


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Jul 212012

On a Guy Harvey Expedition off Cat Island in the Bahamas, Jim Abernethy was filming a blue marlin when out of of nowhere a massive shark appeared. The shark expert estimates the Mako to be ten feet long and as big as 600 pounds. You can hear in his muffled scream how surprised he was. 


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Jul 152012

Australian  brings us this report video that has already been viewed 700,000 times in just a week.

Nathan and Dave went spear fishing off the coast of Australia, and brought a camera to record the fun. But the fun quickly turned very serious when a great white shark started circling the two, separating them from their boat. 

The today men were only equipped with a spear and knife each, and the stand off seemed to go on forever. Finally, they gave the shark a good warning poke that sent to beast off. 

Only afterwards did the two realize how close they came to danger. 


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Jul 112012

NSFW Warning – language

 was fishing by Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her country folk friends and family when she got a bite. After reeling it in for what seems like days, a giant shark nabbed her bite! And it was all caught on camera!

Everyone just freaked out. Even though she lost her catch, they continued to celebrate the rare event. The new video already has over 425,000 views, and is covered on YouTubeTrends and local news channel KLTV.


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