Oct 192013
10 Facts About Great White Sharks

The Great White Shark may be one of the most famous sharks, but little is known about the amazing beast.

Nerd channel Veritasium wanted to change that, so they’ve stepped forward to list 10 Facts About Great White Sharks.

Knowledge thirsty viewers are loving the educational list video, helping the new clip amass over half a million views as it trends through the weekend. 


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Aug 082013

Discovery themselves were the ones the post this video of Tara Reid’s comments falling apart, appropriately titled Tara Reid Said What.

The host started by reading a question from a fan on twitter that asked, “if sharks were mixed with a natural disaster other than a tornado, what would be the most deadly combination?”

Tara first gave the decent answer of a shark tsunami–an unlikely, but possible event–and the conversation flowed from there. 

But then Tara stopped the presses to announce how she was afraid of making a fool of herself before the show, so she read up about sharks online and was surprised to learn about the Whale Shark.

She then dug her own grave, one word at a time. Even her co-hosts couldn’t help but look at the camera flabbergasted.


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Jul 152013

The made for TV joke of a movie Sharknado aired on SyFy last Thursday, starring Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, John Heard, Cassie Scerbo, and Jaason Simmons.

Though the sad excuse for a feature film has already aired, the hilarious trailer, published by MachinimaETC, is still trending online, and now stands with over 2.6 million views


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May 092013

Variables Production is outdoor clothing line Patagonia’s new adventure YouTube channel. Their debut video has already gone viral. Spear fisher and Patagonia ambassador Kimi Werner stars in the video as she free Dives in the Pacific Ocean looking for fish

On one dive, she encountered the biggest Great White shark she had ever seen. Instead of fleeing, she swam towards the great beast, until the two were swimming together. 

 “I know she could have eaten me at any second she wanted to, but in this moment we are just two animals, two predators swimming together.”


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Apr 112013

NSFW Warning – Language

Surprises while fishing are almost guaranteed to go viral if caught on camera. Last summer, Sarah Brame went viralviral after a shark stole the catch she was reeling in–all caught on video. Now, her video stands with over 11 million views

Isaac Brumaghim maybe the next fisherman to go viral. He was on a routine kayak fishing trip off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii when a tiger shark broke the water trying to steal his catch.

After the initial excitement calmed, Isaac couldn’t help but scream expletives as a way to cope with the quick surge of adrenaline and energy. It’s not everyday you find yourself just feet away from a such a powerful beast and live to tell, or post online, about it. 

“Holy sh*t! Oh my God. Whoo!” he screamed.

Now, his new video, appropriately titled Chompy The Shark, has gone viral, amassing over 400,000 views in just one day. It has also been featured by Mirror, NowMSN, Devour, and Fox


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