Oct 282013
Sesame Street Homeland Parody

Besides for educating kids in colors and numbers, Sesame Street is well known online for their hilarious parodies of mainstream programming.  

This time, the world famous kids show takes on Homeland with a very ‘punny’ lamb-themed spoof of the popular Showtime drama-thriller as Homelamb.


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Oct 092013
5 Fun Science Experiments With Grover

Sesame Street‘s most famous blue monster Grover teamed up with educational YouTube channel 5 Facts to teach kids five fun science experiments.

The blue muppet and his human pals Annie and Matt demonstrate and explain why an orange floats with its peel, why pepper seems to ‘run’ from soap, and more!

The tutorial is already featured on PopularScience, Mashable, and GeekoSytem.


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Oct 022013
Usher Sings ABC’s Song On Sesame Street

In keeping with their tradition of hosting celebrities on their children’s program, Sesame Street recently hosted world famous pop star Usher.

Together with all the familiar muppets, such as Grover and Elmo, Usher and the gang sang a special version of the ABC’s song.    


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Sep 262013
Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street Characters, The Roots Perform ‘Sesame Street’ Theme Song

Jimmy Fallon has an ongoing series on his popular Late Night program where he and his house band, The Roots, perform musical covers with celebrity guests using nontraditional instruments.

One viral example was when he and The Roots performed Your Body with Christina Aguilera using office equipment as the instruments. That video stands with over 2.5 million views!

Now, Jimmy and The Roots have teamed up with the world famous Sesame Street cast of characters to perform the classic theme song nearly every American kid learns at a young age. Naturally, they use classroom instruments to set the mood. 


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