Sep 262013
Jimmy Fallon, Sesame Street Characters, The Roots Perform ‘Sesame Street’ Theme Song

Jimmy Fallon has an ongoing series on his popular Late Night program where he and his house band, The Roots, perform musical covers with celebrity guests using nontraditional instruments.

One viral example was when he and The Roots performed Your Body with Christina Aguilera using office equipment as the instruments. That video stands with over 2.5 million views!

Now, Jimmy and The Roots have teamed up with the world famous Sesame Street cast of characters to perform the classic theme song nearly every American kid learns at a young age. Naturally, they use classroom instruments to set the mood. 


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Sep 162013
Cookie Monster Spoofs Hollywood Movies

Cookie Monster of course loves cookies, but apparently he also loves movies.

To promote Sesame Street‘s return to TV today, the National Film Society hosted the blue cookie lover to discuss his favorite movies. Who knew Cookie Monster was such a fan of the classics?

The video has amassed over 200,000 hits since debuting before the weekend. 


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Sep 132013
Dave Matthews and Grover Sing about Feelings

Sesame Street knows a thing or two about going viral. The formula is simple really. Just mix familiar and adorable Sesame Street characters with famous and iconic pop culture icons in the same video.

And they follow that formula to a tee in their latest trending video which features world famous musician Dave Matthews singing the blues with Grover the monster. 


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Sep 052013
Tom Hiddleston Teaches Cookie Monster Self-Control

While visiting PBS, Thor famous actor Tom Hiddleston had a run in with a very hungry Cookie Monster.

CM naturally wanted the cookie Tom had, but we all can’t have what we want. Tom thought the situation was a perfect time to teach Cookie about delayed-gratification. 

In just one day, the new video has garnered over 200,000 hits, and is also covered on LATimesEntertainmentWeekly, and BuzzFeed


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