Dec 092013
Sesame Street Lord Of The Rings Parody

Sesame Street has returned with another parody for adults to enjoy while watching the children’s show with their kids. 

This time, the popular muppet show spoofed Lord of the Rings, with Cookie Monster starring in this adorable episode, appropriately titled Lord of the Crumbs.

One dessert to rule them all! 


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Nov 182013
Sesame Street Thanksgiving Spoof

Outrageous cartoon show Animation Domination High-Def imagines what a Sesame Street Thanksgiving might look like. 

Naturally, things take a dark turn very quickly. 

But that’s OK, because there’s only 26 shopping days left…


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Nov 182013
The Hungry Games Catching Fur Sesame Street Parody

Sesame Street continues to parody mainstream television with an adorable twist.

For their latest spoof, the educational puppet show took on The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire with a Cookie Monster twist as The Hungry Games Catching Fur!

Online fans are loving the parody, and are simply eating it up!


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Nov 122013
Oscar The Grouch VS Grumpy Cat

Mashable‘s collaboration with Sesame Street continues. 

The popular technology and Internet culture website last went viral presenting five science experiments with Sesame Street’s blue monster Grover. 

Now, they have enlisted Oscar The Grouch and The Official Grumpy Cat to star in this latest video to duel over who’s the most depressed and gloomy.  

The clip is quickly going viral, and is already featured on LaughingSquid, TastefullyOffensive, and Mashable.


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Oct 282013
Sesame Street Homeland Parody

Besides for educating kids in colors and numbers, Sesame Street is well known online for their hilarious parodies of mainstream programming.  

This time, the world famous kids show takes on Homeland with a very ‘punny’ lamb-themed spoof of the popular Showtime drama-thriller as Homelamb.


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