Jun 032014
Nine Year Old Prodigy Adrian Romoff Plays Piano On America’s Got Talent

Adrian Romoff is only nine years old, but he is already starting high school! The child prodigy is also an incredible piano player. He impressed the America’s Got Talent audience and judges with his mature skills, and of course advanced to the next round on the famous talent show.  


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Jun 022014
Man With Alzheimer’s Buys Gift For Wife

Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease three years. Now, simply walking around the block alone has become impossible. So when his wife of sixty years realized Melvyn was missing, she assumed the worst. She quickly called the police for help. 

Incredibly, the police found him two miles away on a mission. The mission: buy flowers for his wife. Melvyn had been buying his wife flowers on Mother’s Day for decades, and he wasn’t going to stop now no matter his condition. The cops knew that they had to help him accomplish his goal.

This touching story by CBS Sunday Morning has gone viral with over 2.1 million hits in just a week. 


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May 292014
World’s First Wingsuit Base Jumping Dog

Famous rock climber and adventurer Dean Potter and his dog have made history by jumping off a cliff together. Whisper the dog seemed completely cool as Dean lowered her onto the edge of a giant rock and began to strap her in. Finally, with Whisper on his back, the two jumped off a tip of the giant Eiger mountain of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland and glided down thanks to Dean’s wingsuit. Good dog! 


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May 282014
Terrifying Close To A Tornado In North Dakota

Dan Yorgason and his friends had no where to go! There was a giant tornado heading right for their trailer park, and with no basement to seek refuge in, they decided they might as well go outside and see the monster twister themselves.

The tornado warning on the radio only makes the scene more surreal. Finally, they got in their truck to escape, but only after capturing the twister on camera. Now, their daring video has gone viral with over 750,000 views!

Understandably, the survivors use some seriously strong language. You’ve been warned. Read more about the storm on USAToday, FoxNews, and ABCNews


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May 272014
The Blind Woman Who Saw Rain

Milena Channing became blind after a suffering stroke at 29 years old. She simply woke up at the hospital and all she could ‘see’ was darkness. Nothingness. But after a while she started to see faint images. She could see the wisps of steam from her coffee cup. The rain drops as they fell. The doctors first said it was just her imagination, but after her visions became more vivid doctors in Canada figured out what was actually going on. This NPR story will surprise you and touch your soul. Read more on NPR.  


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