Apr 302014
Molly Kate Kestner Sings ‘His Daughter’

No name teen Molly Kate Kestner has only gone viral now with this week old original song. Molly sings His Daughter, and tells a powerful story about a little girl and her father who struggles with substance abuse. The song has gone viral with over 1.1 million views!


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Apr 292014
Vegan Bodybuilder Shows Off Extreme Calisthenics Moves

Bodybuilder Frank Medrano is famous as the vegan bodybuilder. Most bodybuilders swear by eating meat, but Frank prefers beans and soy protein. Obviously, it’s working for him as he is super ripped. 

In this video posted two months ago that is still trending with over 1.9 million hits, Frank shows off his epic strength by performing Calisthenics moves that seem impossible to the everyday person. 


Via Wimp.

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Apr 292014
Magic To Feed The Homeless

Magician Rob Anderson wanted to not only feed the homeless but also bring some magic into their lives. He asked hungry needy people he found on the street to trust him and put a little food into his empty magic paper bag. As if it were a miracle, Rob shook the bag and poured out a slew of packaged foods. 

How’d he do that?!?


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Apr 282014
Coolest Motorcyclist Ever Gives Man Who Just Missed The Bus A Ride To The Next Best Stop

Motorcyclist Anothergxg was riding along while wearing his helmet camera when he saw a man miss his bus by a few seconds. Being a kind, sympathetic man, the biker stopped pulled over and asked the man if he wanted a ride to the next bus stop instead of waiting an hour for the next bus. The man was extremely grateful and took the ride. 

Since debuting over the weekend the video appropriately titled Good Deed has gone viral with over 800,000 hits!


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Apr 282014
How Tsunamis Work

Tsunamis have been in the news far too many times over the past few years for their devastating effects on coastal cities. One of Japan’s nuclear power plants was recently slammed by a tsunami and the country is still dealing with clean up. But how does a tsunami work? What is occurring that causes the water to grow up to 100 feet high before slamming cities and towns? 

Alex Gendler of TED-Ed explains the science behind tsunamis in this trending video


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