Dec 172013
Airport Security Guard Catches Falling Baby At Last Moment

This security camera video from November has just been released and has instantly gone viral. It is already covered on Time, BuzzFeed, and DailyPicks

At Katowice Airport in Poland, security guard Grzegorz Paczko noticed a baby on a table at the security clearance teetering on the edge. Amazingly, he dove and caught the child just as the baby fell.

No professional athlete can compete with reflexes like that!


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Oct 312013
Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

Darnell Barton has become an American hero overnight.

While driving his bus on the usual route, he noticed a woman hanging off the guardrail of a bridge over a Buffalo highway. 

“It didn’t seem real because of what was going on around… Traffic was going as normal, pedestrians going by as normal.”

Barton can be seen in this bus camera video, published online by the Associated Press, pulling over and asking the woman if she was OK. He then calmly walked off the bus, put his arm around her, and pulled her to safety. 

“I was meant to be there for her at that moment. And I was.”


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Oct 222013
Cat Opens Door To Escape Kitchen With Dog

Matt Hirst admits he couldn’t figure out how his cat and pup were escaping the kitchen while he was away at work. 

Finally, he installed a security camera, and was shocked when he watched the footage later that day. 

Now, the subsequent week old video of his cat opening the door with his dog patiently waiting has gone viral, amassing over half a million views

Skip to 1:40 for the climax. 


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Oct 122013
Worst, Slowest Parking Lot Exit Ever

Last week, Jarek Dymek posted this security camera video of the now dubbed ‘Worst Parking Lot Exit Ever,’ and now it is going viral over the weekend. The video has already appeared on RedditDailyPicks, Guyism, and Jalopnik

For four grueling minutes, the driver painstakingly attempts to execute what seems to be a simple driving maneuver to exit the parking lot, but fails over and over. The real question is, what fool gave this person a license to operate heavy machinery? 


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Oct 072013

This security camera video has just exploded online after being featured on the front page of Reddit

In the suspenseful one-minute video, two women can be seen wine shopping while a staff member works rearranged bottles on the bottom shelf. 

The moment the man stands up something gives, and the entire shelf of expensive booze and liquor collapses. A rainbow of purple, brown, and blue quickly spreads across the store. 

Countless copies of the clip are now circulating the web, but this 16 hour old LiveLink video posted by Christian Beccy has already been seen over 750,000 times!


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