Oct 072013

This security camera video has just exploded online after being featured on the front page of Reddit

In the suspenseful one-minute video, two women can be seen wine shopping while a staff member works rearranged bottles on the bottom shelf. 

The moment the man stands up something gives, and the entire shelf of expensive booze and liquor collapses. A rainbow of purple, brown, and blue quickly spreads across the store. 

Countless copies of the clip are now circulating the web, but this 16 hour old LiveLink video posted by Christian Beccy has already been seen over 750,000 times!


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Oct 032013
Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail

Just when the web thought it was only FedEx workers who apparently don’t take their jobs seriously comes this latest security camera video promoting iSpyConnect

The short clip published by YouTube channel Sorikan showcases an extremely lazy postal worker who took the effort to drive her USPS truck onto the front lawn of the address she was delivering mail to.

You know, instead of parking on the side of the road like a normal human and walking the fifteen feet to the front door. 


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Sep 112013
Belligerent Customer Is Carried Out Of Store

Jarp12 reports that a customer came to his electronics store to sell some used merchandise, but he had to refuse the customer as parts were missing. He simply informed the man to return later with all pieces. 

This was obviously not what the man wanted to hear. He quickly became belligerent, but obviously the establishment has dealt with similar situations before as a bouncer appeared out of nowhere and literally carried the menace out of the store. 

The video is going viral after appearing on Gawker and Reddit.


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Aug 222013

This security camera video posted by danossecom originated in Brazil, but has gone viral in the English speaking web as well.

The clip, titled Tentativa de assalto a mão armada frustrada, or Attempted armed robbery foiled in English, now stands with over 350,000 hits.

Not only was the criminal’s plan foiled, but he also had the lucky opportunity to taste the dirt as he was dramatically thrown out of the convenience store window. 


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Aug 082013

This CBS 5 KPHO news report has gone viral on YouTube after James Poling posted the humorous clip. A Phoenix man awaiting a package from Amazon was crushed to discover that someone had stolen his mail!

Luckily, he caught the perp on security camera, and went around town posting sarcastic flyers of the wanted suspect to warn the neighborhood and starred in this sarcastic news report over the incident.


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