Jan 112014
This Duracell Commercial Featuring Deaf NFL Player Derrick Coleman Will Inspire You

In a genius marketing movie, Duracell chose Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman to star in this powerful promotion

Derrick has been deaf since the age of three, and was turned down countless times. But he never quit, and now is playing in the NFL. 

Trust your power. 

Read more on NFL, FoxSports, and SportingNews.  


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May 092012

The original American Idol Kelly Clarkson continues to top the charts with er recent uplifting and motivational single Stronger.

The song has been playing in grocery stores, malls, and gyms around the country, but there’s one place where it’s making the most difference. At Seattle Children’s Hospital

Yes, at the Children’s Hospital, Stronger is more than just a song. It’s a mantra. A badge.

And to show how devoted they are to overcoming challenges and hardship, the hemoncology floor of Seattle Children’s Hospital performed a powerful lip dub of Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger. 

 The three day old music video already has over 320,000 views, and is featured on CBSNews, Guyism, and HuffingtonPost.


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Feb 072012

 took a sweet dubstep remix of M83′s Midnight City and synced it up with the lights at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington. The epic stadium lights and otherwise complete empty darkness mixed with the ridiculous music renders a light-show like no other. The video is featured on CBSNews and VideoSift


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Jan 192012

Whenever parts of the country that don’t usually have winter weather actually have some snow, there’s always some fun as a result. Seattle just had a couple inches and lots of ice, resulting in some sticky driving conditions. Some people were enjoying the snow and went tubing on Queen Anne hill, but when K5 reporter Meg Coyle showed up to cover the ‘story,’ the police stopped the fun. One Seattle snow tuber let Meg know that she’s a killjoy–all on the air. The video is featured on SayOMG and Guyism.


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