Apr 252016
How Vending Machines Detect Specific Coins

Most of us take vending machines for granted these days. Though they have been around for quite sometime and appear to be the same, today’s vending machines are much more high tech their their older counterparts. 

The Science Channel explains how a modern vending machine uses specific lasers, scanners, and sensors to detect each coin that is dropped in, and to discard any fakes. 


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Apr 232016
Truth  Behind Freezer Burn

We’ve all been there before. We come home ready to have that frozen dinner we put away weeks ago only to open it and find it’s all dried up, smelly, and covered with ice crystals. What happened to the delicious dinner? SciShow explains. 


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Apr 192016
Bill Nye Bets Weatherman $20,000 The World Is Warmer, Not Cooling

In case you missed it, bodybuilder and meteorologist Joe Bastardi challenged one of the Internet’s favorite personalities, Bill Nye The Science Guy, to prove there is a connection to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global climate. 

Bill Nye answered the challenge with a bet of $20,000 that he’s right and Joe is wrong. Will Joe accept? Apparently no.


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Apr 132016
Guy Tries To Only Sleep Five Hours A Day By Only Taking Short Naps

Most of us feel like we don’t get enough sleep and try our hardest to get more sleep. But instead of trying to get more sleep, this BuzzFeeder decided to try out getting less sleep. Instead of sleeping all at once at night, he tried out polyphasic sleep. 


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