Jun 242016
SpotMini Is The New Smaller Four Legged Robot From Boston Dynamics

By now, you’ve surely seen the countless viral videos featuring the many four legged robots by state of the art robitics company Boston Dynamics. Now, they have a new, smaller robot appropriately named SpotMini. Who’s a good overlord robot puppy? That’s right, you are. Now please don’t kill all humans. 


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Jun 152016
Drinking A Cup Of Water In A Fighter Jet

Gravity is a funny thing. Just when you thought you fully understood the seemingly simple concept of physics, it proves you wrong. Watch what happens when a fighter jet pilot pours himself a cup of water and takes a swig, all while spinning and flying super fast. 


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Jun 132016
Could This Bendable Smartphone Be The Future

After both shrinking and then growing in size, it seems tech companies have hit the wall of what they can do with the smartphone. Lenovo is trying out a new concept for their next generation phones that are completely bendable. Crazy!


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Jun 082016
Leaf Cutter Ants Destroy Expensive Camera Equipment In Rainforest

Nature show The Jungle Diaries wanted to capture a few pictures of the jaguar in their habitat. So using expensive camera equipment, they set up a motion activated infrared sensor to record during the night. 

What they found the next day was not what they were expecting. Leaf cutter ants had their way with all their expensive equipment, causing over $2,000 worth of damage!


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