Jul 282015
Dropping A Effervescent Pill In Floating Water Bubble In Space

The best part about being an astronaut is performing science experiments that would otherwise be impossible. On Earth, countless people drop effervescent tablets into water to make a soothing elixir to calm their stomach aches and pains. But in space, that simple experiment becomes a lot cooler! This video by Reel NASA has gone viral with over 250,000 views!


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Jul 222015
Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds Of Fruit

Syracuse University professor and artist Sam Van Aken has made some very special and unique natural art. The National Geographic reports that he has created a ‘crazy tree’ that bears 40 different kinds of fruits, though they are all stone fruits. Still, one tree growing peaces, plums, apricots, and more is still very special. 


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Jul 202015
Coins ‘Dance’ When Stuck Into Dry Ice

When handled carefully, dry ice can be a lot of fun to perform experiments with. The Crazy Russian Hacker got his hands on a brick of dry ice, and stuck the edge of metal coins into the frozen carbon dioxide. The coins seems to ‘dance’ and jiggle back and forth as the metal causes the frozen CO2 to instantly vaporize and the drop in pressure makes the coins move. So cool!


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Jul 092015
The Death Of Bees Explained

Those who are environmentally conscious know that the global bee population has been dropping steadily for years now. The reason for this dramatic change is up for debate. Many believe it is because of genetically modified foods that affect the way the bees communicate. Others believe it is our use of insecticides that change the DNA of bees. Kurz Gesagt attempts to break down the death of bees in this new educational video


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Jun 302015
USA Challenges Japan To Giant Robot Battle

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, now is the perfect time for MegaBots Inc to announce their brand new giant robot, the Mark 2. What’s more American than a giant machine made of high strength metal that guzzles gas? But you can’t just build a giant robot for no reason, so MegaBots Inc has challenged Japanese robot maker Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a giant robot battle. 


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