Apr 162015
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Second Official Teaser

Few movies are as anticipated as the new upcoming Disney produced Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. So it’s no surprise this second brand new trailer for the movie has instantly gone viral just like the first one did. Are you excited?? 


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Apr 122015
Star Wars Invades Los Angeles

Special effects master Kaipotainment loves bringing his favorite science fiction icons to life, such as his X-Men themed cat videos. Now, he has unleashed the power of the dark side onto Los Angeles. In this new nerd video, TIE Fighters and Star Destroyers can be seen attacking the skyline of LA. Although a few fighter jets take down a TIE or two it seems the city is lost to the Empire. 


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Mar 252015
Tie Fighter Anime Short Film

Star Wars is one of the most popular science fiction and fantasy franchises around the globe. As a result, there are countless Star Wars-themed comic books, short films, and stories created by fans. Animator OtaKing77077 has just debuted this brand new Star Wars anime short film he created with a classic 1980’s animation style based on the popular 1994 TIE Fighter video game. The short film has instantly gone viral with over one million hits so far!


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Nov 102014
Lyrebird Makes Awesome Laser Sounds

The Lyrebird is known in the animal kingdom as being the greatest copycat in the wild. The BBC covered the bird’s amazing mimicking abilities back in 2007. The bird can recreate almost any sound it ever hears. Wen Hao Lee saw a lyrebird in the wild that had the uncanny ability to make laser gun sounds.  


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Nov 022014
Ohio State Marching Band Honors Space And Science Fiction

The Ohio State University marching band honored all things space during the Buckeyes game versus Illinois halftime show. The theme was called They Came from Outer Space, and their performance including music from Star Trek, Apollo 13 and Armageddon. They even marched in the formation of the Starship Enterprise. Live long and prosper!  


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