Feb 032015
Hydrochloric Acid Reacting With Aluminum Foil

Anyone who has taken a chemistry class is familiar with hydrochloric acid. It is one of the most common, and most dangerous, acids students study and sometimes work with. As every chemistry teacher explains, HCl is not to be disrespected. 

The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates the serious power of hydrochloric acid by pouring a little of the solution over a crumpled up ball of aluminum foil. Ya, don’t try this one at home. 


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Dec 312014
Melting Soda Cans To Make Aluminum Sword Is Awesome

Grant Thompson, AKA the King of Random, loves performing arts and crafts and science experiments at home. For his latest project, he made a homemade mini metal foundry to melt soda cans in. Once he melted a bunch of cans into liquid aluminum, he cast little metal bears, biscuits, and finally a sweet sword. 

En garde!


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Dec 082014
Science Experiment Remix Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

By harnessing the power of musical vibrations, different patterns can be created. Musician and science geek Nigel John Stanford demonstrates this phenomenon in his latest music video in which he performs mind blowing science experiments while creating epic and catchy music. He calls his music video Cymatics, and has already amassed over 1.3 million hits over the past three weeks!


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Dec 032014
Amazing Light Bending Experiment Renders Object Invisible

This simple, yet mind-blowing science experiment demonstrated by Brusspup can actually render an object invisible. Well, sort of. By lining four lenses up, light is bent around the last lens. When one looks through the lenses, it makes it appear that whatever is placed in front of the last lens is apparently invisible! Yet you can see what’s behind the row of lenses perfectly. So cool!


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Nov 302014
World’s Simplest Electric Train Is Just A Magnet And Copper Wire

Toy trains don’t have to be complicated. Science channel Amazing Science demonstrates how to make a toy ‘train’ using just a copper wire as a track, and a battery connected with two magnets as the train engine. The battery powered magnet surges forward when put inside the spun copper wire just like a real train. Science! This would honestly make for a great toy. Someone needs to prepackage the kit and get it in stores. 


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