Mar 132014
How To Make Magic Potato Mud

Grant Thompson demonstrates how to make a homemade goo similar to silly putty or Gak in his latest video.

Simply soak chopped up potatoes in hot water to extract the starch and strain the pieces. After a few more simple steps you’ll be left with a magical mud that seems to solidify when played with, but melts to a liquid state when left alone. Crazy. 


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Feb 052014
Dropping A Magnet Down A Thick Copper Tube

This video was posted in 2012, but has resurfaced now. The clip features a man dropping a neodymium rare earth magnet down a thick copper tube. As the magnet falls down the tube, it induces a current and creates a magnetic field which slows its fall. It’s like slow motion in real life.  


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Jan 302014
Imploding Soda Can Trick

in this new video, Grant Thompson demonstrates how to crush a soda can in seconds, using no force at all. Simply heat the can with a bit of water until it steams. Then turn the soda can over and dip it into ice water. The change in pressure will create a powerful vacuum that crushes the can.


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Jan 292014
Beer Poured Into Hot Pan Reacts Amazingly

What happens when you pour a bit of beer into a hot frying pan? One might assume it would start to boil and that’s it.

But as this new viral video posted by Misunderstood Number shows, something much more magical happens.  

As a result of the Leidenfrost effect, the beer floats on a cloud of steam and seems to act as a gooey blob.


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Jan 172014
This Is What Happens When You Drop Two Pounds Of Dry Ice In A Sink Filled With Hot Water

Forget the fog machine!

In this eye-popping experiment, the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to fill your kitchen with dense fog.

He simply placed two pounds of broken dry ice in the kitchen sink filled with hot water.

The reaction is truly epic.


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