Apr 272016
Melting A Giant Jawbreaker

There’s no confusion over what LET’S MELT THIS does on YouTube. They melt stuff. All kinds of stuff with whatever means necessary. In their latest trending video, they melt a giant Jawbreaker candy with a blow torch. 

The results are stunningly beautiful.


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Apr 132016
Guy Tries To Only Sleep Five Hours A Day By Only Taking Short Naps

Most of us feel like we don’t get enough sleep and try our hardest to get more sleep. But instead of trying to get more sleep, this BuzzFeeder decided to try out getting less sleep. Instead of sleeping all at once at night, he tried out polyphasic sleep. 


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Apr 072016
Shooting, Cutting, And Exploding Oobleck Science Experiment

The Backyard Scientist teamed up with Mark Rober to perform some super interesting science experiments. They made some oobleck, which is simply corn starch and water that becomes a non-newtonian substance.

The silly putty goo reacts very uniquely when shot, chopped, and exploded. The results are eye opening. 


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Apr 052016
Melting A Sock In Sulfuric Acid

As every student learns in the first day of chemistry lab, you do not mess with sulfuric acid. It’s probably one of the most dangerous liquids in the chem lab. LET’S MELT THIS demonstrates the power of the stuff by literally melting a sock in a bowl. Creepy. 


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