Sep 302014
Middle School Football Team Pulls Off ‘Ugly Kardashian’ Trick Play

Lewis and Clark Middle School has gone viral after executing a confusing, and successful, trick football play. As the play began, Josh Copeland handed the ball to quarterback Atiq Muhammad, but instead of pulling back to find an open receiver or handing the ball off, Muhammad calmly walked across scrimmage and pretended that the team accidentally grabbed the wrong ball.

After a few steps he ran towards the end zone while the defense stood around confused. Now, this clip has gone viral, especially since the trick play is called the Ugly Kardashian.  


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Sep 292014
Loudly Eating In The Library Prank

Now that the freshness of the new school year has worn off, students are hitting their local libraries to cram for quizzes and test. The crazy pranksters of JStu Studios capitalized on this by trying out a new prank: loudly eating in the library. Annoyed students couldn’t help but crack a smile at the loud eaters who even brought in a watermelon, whipped cream, a sandwich maker, and more! 


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Sep 152014
isis mrctv

Countless TV shows and YouTubers have proved over and over that the general public will sign a petition for nearly anything. Sure, it’s funny when people sign a petition to ban H2O, but this latest petition social experiment by MRCTV is a lot more sad and scary than funny. 

Dan Joseph went to a Virginia college campus to ask college students to sign a petition to support ISIS, you know the evil Islamic State terrorist group who have been beheading Americans and Brits, enslaving women and children, and waging war across the Middle East. Terrifyingly, more than a few students signed the petition. 


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Sep 082014
John Oliver On Student Debt

It wasn’t that long ago when someone could go to college and work a part time job to pay for tuition. These days, a part time job will barely cover the expense for textbooks. Student loan debt has now blimped to over one trillion dollars. John Oliver discusses the serious state of student loan debt in this latest clip from Last Week Tonight. 


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Aug 212014
Baby Got Class Back To School Song

The Holderness Family has gone viral with their hilarious spoof of the 1990’s hip hop song Baby Got Back. Instead, of rapping about big butts, the parents rap about troubles of sending their kids back to school. Already, their Baby Got Class parody has garnered over 450,000 views!


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