Aug 292013
11 Year Old Freshman Studies Calc and Physics At Texas University

A very special freshman just started classes at Texas Christian University. The Star Telegram Video reports that Carson Huey-You is only eleven years old, but he has been accepted to TCU after graduating high school, and will be studying physics and calculus while accompanied by mom. The story is covered further on NYPost, CBSNews, and YourHoustonNews.


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Aug 202013

Uhh. Freshman Convocation. Most kids just skip the boring welcome speeches to instead get a head start on the first beer pong games of the semester. 

But if you missed the Freshman Convocation speech at Georgia Tech this year, you sorrily missed out. Sophmore Nicholas S. Selby gave the most epic welcome speech ever that had the entire auditorium on their feet.  

Andy Blanton caught the end of the awesomeness on camera, and now the video is trending. 


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Aug 052013

AMC’s cable drama Breaking Bad is definitely not a show for kids. But that didn’t stop popular YouTubers Rhett and Link from commissioning this fantastic Breaking Bad middle school musical starring real kids singing about ‘candy.’

The new video apart of YouTube Geek Week, and has already amassed over a quarter million views


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Jun 202013

After 36 years of dedicated service, the principal Hingham Middle School in Hingham, Massachusetts, Mr. Roger Boddie, is set to retire.

To send off the man who gave so much to their school in proper style, the faculty first tricked him into giving a tour of the new building construction while the students prepared his surprise.

Once he was on the roof top, the students and faculty performed a goodbye flash mob performance that has most viewers misty-eyed. 

The video was actually posted online last week, but has only gone viral now. 


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