Jan 072013

AVIATlON posted this short clip on the first of the year, but it has only started to trend now, appearing on CollegeHumor, Joe, and Reddit.

The cameraman passes his chubby friend a small water bottle. The kid cracks open the bottle, brings it to his lips, and then slammed the bottom of the bottle, essentially forcing all the water down his throat instantaneously.   


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Dec 242012

At Grand Valley State University’s commencement ceremony, graduating students were asked to spell out the pronunciations of their hard to say names. 

Kelsey Elise just happened to slip in ‘freaking awesome‘ into her name, prompting the auditorium to burst out in laughter when the announcer actually fell for her spelling prank. The story is featured on HuffPost and TheDailyWhat


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Dec 082012

If you’re prone to nightmares, you should probably try your best not to fall asleep in class. You might have an outburst in the middle of a quiet lecture, like one student at Stony Brook University

The professor noticed the student napping in the front row, so he made a loud snoring sound as a joke. The noise must have jolted the napper, because he literally jumped up screaming, not knowing what was going on for a moment.

Even the prof couldn’t help but laugh. 


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Dec 062012

Remember when Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Christina Aguilera to cover her hit single Your Body with the help of his house band The Roots playing office supplies as instruments?

Well, it seems the gears in Jimmy‘s creative mind never stop turning.

For the holiday season, he again collaborated with a celebrity for a special cover performance. This time, he teamed up with Mariah Carey, and together sang her timeless Christmas tune All I Want For Christmas Is You.

The cherry on top? The Roots played along using common classroom instruments often found in kindergarten classrooms across the Western world. 

The new music video already has over 125,000 views, and is further featured on NPR, WashingPost, and USWeekly.


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Dec 052012

Now more than ever, young people are questioning whether or not it’s worth going to college. For decades, college has been pushed on the youth as the end all, be all for success in life.

But is that true? Is college right for everyone? With tuition prices growing exponentially, and less and less high-paying jobs available upon graduation, the question stands stronger than ever. 

Education is great for everyone, that’s not the issue. Perhaps it is modern schooling–where every student is simply a product to be replicated on an assembly line by propagandists–that is the core of the problem… 

Whatever the case, young English rapper-poet Suli Breaks takes on this serious issue in his latest piece, Why I Hate School But Love Education.

The new rap music video is featured on DailyOfDay, TheDailyWhat, and ShockMansion, and already has amassed over 350,000 views


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