Jun 052013

Everyday, science is bringing us closer to the future. And the University of Minnesota is helping us all get there that much sooner with this just published video, appropriately titled Mind Over Mechanics, that demonstraes their jaw-dropping new feat of engineering. 

The video features a quadcopter that can delicately fly through hoops and obstacles. But that’s not the amazing part. What’s incredible is that the robot is controlled with no hands.

The user simply thinks of where the robot should fly, and the brain-computer interface takes care of the rest. Hopefully, robots controlled by just thought will help and even free countless disabled people in the near future. 


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Jun 032013

Sarona2617 is focused on the school band. Suddenly, this specific video has gone viral for one very humorous and patriotic moment.

In the middle of playing the Star Spangled Banner the kid playing the cymbals has a malfunction. So what does he do? He puts his useless equipment on the ground and proudly salutes the flag. A true patriot.  


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May 282013

Michael Stewart was in Rift Valley of Kenya in the town of Mosoriot last February. The town was holding a high school track meet competition where students jumped the high jump. Mr. Israel’s Young Man plays over the video. Now, the video has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over a quarter million views


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May 232013

This teacher isn’t the first, and she most likely will not be the last.

Last winter, the web was shocked when a career teacher in Rhode Island quit from his post by reading his resignation later on the Internet.

The reason for stepping down, he said, was because for decades now the education system has blindly worshiped standardized testing in place of actual learning and teaching. 

Now, a second teacher has posted her resignation letter on YouTube for the exact same reasons. 

Veteran teacher I Quit You Can’t Fire Me says that like so many teachers, she wanted to help her community as a teacher, and loved the hard work.

But over the past 15 years she has noticed a disturbing trend that countless other teachers and parents are picking up on. 

“The emphasis in education has shifted from fostering academic and personal growth to demanding uniformity and conformity. Raising students’ test goals is now the only goal in teaching. Everything I loved about teaching is extinct.”


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May 222013

The First of April was nearly two months ago, but this straggler April Fools prank video by Kurtec01 has only been posted now, quickly amassing over 200,000 views.

In the prank video, a school bus driver quiets the bus to tell the students an announcement. He claims that because of special circumstances he was going to drop them off as usual, only this time the students would immediately board back onto the bus to be taken back home. 

“Apparently, you have another day of Spring Break,” he ended with to which the students erupted into a fit of cheers and screams. 

The screaming seems to go on forever until a couple students start to get a little suspicious. Slowly, the cheering calms among the doubtful until the driver jumps and screams, “Who said? What’s today’s date? April Fools! I got everyone of you!”

Naturally, the children break out into an even greater fit of fury and screams. 

Shrieks of “I hate you!” and “WTH?!” can be heard as the driver laughs and laughs at the misery of the children be taken off to school. 


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