Nov 072013
Things We All Do In College

Ahh, college.

That time in life when we all go through the same experiences, yet feel like no one else does.

Like when that big final is coming up, and we instead choose to party all night and hook up with strangers. Then, the next morning we clean our room for the first time in the semester instead of studying.

After that, we use our best math skills to figure out the lowest grade we can receive to pass the course. 

The list masters at BuzzFeed Video covers these ideas, and more, in their new video, Awkward Things You Do In College


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Nov 072013
26 Bizarre College Classes

Want to learn about the post-apocalyptic world? Or more about the crime drama The Wire? How about delving deep into the world of nursery rhymes?

Well now you can at a range of higher learning institutions. Internet personality John Green covers 26 Bizarre College Classes now available on his weekly Mental Floss show. 


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Nov 062013
Teacher Spins Basketball Ball On Top Of Pen

How cool is this teacher?

While sitting at his desk, he spun a basketball on his pen. To top it off, even started writing with the pen without dropping the ball. The students couldn’t believe it. 

“Are you serious?? Whaaat?? “

Michael Philips posted the video Monday, and already it has garnered over 140,000 hits!


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Oct 082013
Studying For Finals In The Navy

Studying for finals in any dorm situation is difficult with so much going on, but it’s obviously much more demanding in a Navy dorm where students have so much pent up energy. 

Arukaen posted this humorous video, Finals Week At Navy, in May but the clip is trending again now. While one roommate was attempting to study his friend did all in his power to distract him. 


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Sep 242013
Lakewood High School Lip Dubs ‘Roar’ By Katy Perry

It’s been a while since a school’s one take lip dub music video went viral. Perhaps it was a lack of a powerful pop song to sing along with. 

Whatever the reason, Lakewood High School is trending after performing this impressive lip dub video of Katy Perry’s latest hit single, Roar, starring over 2,000 students.

The song choice makes even more sense as the school’s mascot is the tiger.



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