Oct 082013
Studying For Finals In The Navy

Studying for finals in any dorm situation is difficult with so much going on, but it’s obviously much more demanding in a Navy dorm where students have so much pent up energy. 

Arukaen posted this humorous video, Finals Week At Navy, in May but the clip is trending again now. While one roommate was attempting to study his friend did all in his power to distract him. 


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Sep 242013
Lakewood High School Lip Dubs ‘Roar’ By Katy Perry

It’s been a while since a school’s one take lip dub music video went viral. Perhaps it was a lack of a powerful pop song to sing along with. 

Whatever the reason, Lakewood High School is trending after performing this impressive lip dub video of Katy Perry’s latest hit single, Roar, starring over 2,000 students.

The song choice makes even more sense as the school’s mascot is the tiger.



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Sep 232013
Parent Arrested For Questioning Common Core During Forum In Baltimore County

The controversial standardized school program Common Core has many parents nervous and upset. 

Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools and Maryland Superintendent Lillian Lowery held a session for parents to air their questions and concerns about the program, but it seems they only wanted to hear positive comments. 

In this shocking video currently going viral, one irate parent was silenced and even arrested for simply questioning the educational bureaucrats. 

Since debuting over the weekend, video has garnered over 700,000 views after being featured on Examiner

Now, the video has been picked up by FoxNews, WashingtonPost, HufingtonPost, and TheBlaze.


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Sep 172013
Cheesy Pick Up Lines On Campus

Who would have thought that the secret to a girl’s heart is to just drop some seriously cheesy pick up lines? Of course, in the real world these lines dropped by the boys of relationship channel Simple Pickup would probably not work, but on the college campus they score home run after home run.

Some the cheese includes approaching a girl and saying, “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you.”


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Sep 152013
Kid President’s Pep Talk To Teachers And Students

School is back in session!

To inspire and motivate both teachers and students, Kid President of SoulPancake stars in this new video. He explains that we’re all students and we’re all teachers. Who will you teach today, and who will you learn from today?

Now, the video has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over 800,000 inspiring views


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