Sep 192014
Giant Whale Shark Bumps Into Diver

While diving in the Atlantic ocean Chris Coates was nearly eaten by a giant whale shark. His colleague attempted to warn him, but by the time he turned around it was too late. The giant fish was heading right for him with its mouth open. Chris naturally screamed in terror, but apparently the shark didn’t have a taste for humans, and instead only bumped into him at high speed

Thankfully, no one was hurt from the chilling ordeal. 


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Sep 192014
Jetblue Flight 1416 Turns Into A Nightmare

Nobody pays attention anymore when the flight attendants review the safety protocols before a flight. But hopefully the passengers of Jetblue Flight 1416 did. In the middle of their flight, an engine blew out and the cabin began to fill with smoke. The staff manually dropped oxygen masks for passengers as the captain attempted to land. The scene wouldn’t be complete without a crying baby. 

Naturally, in today’s world of selfies and smartphones, Scott Welch took out his phone to record the commotion



Things became even more serious during the emergency landing


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Sep 162014
Attempted Robbery Caught On Bicyclist’s GoPro Helmet Cam

Mike Graziano is on a mission to travel to every country in the world with his friends. While biking through a rough neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a motorcyclist suddenly cut in front of him. He was surprised, but brushed it off as bad driving. But then the biker returned with a gun, screaming in Spanish!

Mike caught the entire scene on his helmet GoPro camera, and thankfully, made it out without a scratch. 


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Sep 152014
Huge Wasp Nest On Window Is Terrifying

Many people are scared of bees, but at least those buzzing insects have a sweet side, pollinating our plants and making sweet, sticky honey. Wasps on the other hands are pure evil. Unlike bees which can only sting once, they can sting you as many times as they want.

So when Vang Tsal found a giant wasp nest on his window, he was naturally nervous. He took video of the inside of the nest which has gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 082014
How To Land A Plane In An Emergency

It’s a classic movie premise. You are a passenger on a flight when suddenly, the pilot is unresponsive. It is up to you to land the plane safely. What do you do? Most people would have no clue what to do, so Tom Scott has made this video explaining how to land a plane in an emergency.  


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