Aug 062014
Radio Host Experiences The Worst Pain Known To Man

While Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy were visiting an Amazon tribe for their show Hamish incidentally experienced one of the worst pains known to man. To prove himself to the tribe, Hamish attempted a coming-of-age ritual by wearing gloves containing biting ants. Except these aren’t your ordinary red ants. These ants have one of the most painful bites in the animal kingdom.


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Aug 012014
Epic Roof Jump

Ethan Swanson’s typical workday is not very common. Instead of sitting at a desk pushing paper, Ethan jumps, rolls, and dives for his paycheck. He is a professional extreme stunt man. For his latest project, he worked with GoPro to show viewers a first person view of jumping from a roof top. Crazy. 


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Jul 272014
Giant Iceberg Collapses Creating Huge Tidal Wave

Riickstead was boating by Newfoundland, Canada when they stumbled upon a mammoth ice structure. But just as they were admiring the giant iceberg, Mother Nature went crazy and the structure collapsed creating a huge tidal wave of epic proportion. 

What transpired next is like a scene out of a movie. “GO!”


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Jul 142014
Russian Beachgoers Caught In Powerful Hail Storm

Just when the weather was nice and hot, Russian beachgoers in Siberia were tricked by Mother Nature. The weather quickly turned against the vacationers as the winds picked up and giant balls of hail began to fall. What is this? One of the plagues from the Ten Commandments?

This terrifying video by Руслан Соколов has gone viral over the weekend with over one million hits already!


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Jul 072014
Turkish F16 Performs Extremely Low Landing Over Crowd

Aviation enthusiasts got what they asked for at the Waddington International Air Show in England. Spectators waved as a Turkish F-16 fighter jet descended closer and closer. Soon, the landing jet was close, several onlookers literally ducked to the ground. Phew! That was close. 


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