Mar 252014
Firefighter Records Terrifying Fire Tornado

While fighting wildfires at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Denver, Colorado, firefighter Thomas Rogers and his team witnessed a dust devil, also known as a fire tornado. 

The dust devil passed by the wildfire and turned into the natural phenomenon that seems to be straight from Hell. 

The video has gone viral over the past week, garnering over a quarter million views


Via Gawker

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Mar 232014
Harry Potter Dementor Prank

Harry Potter is a just fantasy story. Those terrifying, soul-sucking Dementors aren’t real. 

Or are they?

Yousef of prank channel Fousey TUBE hit the streets of downtown with a hidden camera crew and his buddy dressed as a Dementor. 

When the time was just right, the monster struck Yousef and knocked him out in front of a terrified witness

The witnesses didn’t know how to react. Hilarious!


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Mar 172014
LA News Anchors Reacts To Earthquake On St Patricks Day

There was a 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles today that occurred when the KTLA news was just starting. Chris Schauble quickly interrupted his co-anchor Megan Henderson with a shocked look on his face and then the two dove under their desk for protection.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. 


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Feb 222014
Scary Big Foot Prank

The legend of Big Foot is still a popular myth. And it’s because of pranks like this that so many people believe in the crypto-monster. 

Famous YouTuber Vitalyzd traveled to a small town where these types of legends are pervasive and convinced the locals, and even the local news channel, that Big Foot was attacking their city


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Jan 312014
Helmet Camera Captures Unconscious Skydiver Rescue

James Lee was taking part in a skydive when a terrifying accident occurred. He hit his head against the helmet of another jumper and was knocked out.

Thankfully, his fellow skydivers acted fast to rescue him and make sure his parachute was deployed properly. 

James was wearing a helmet camera which captured the entire event which was published online by The Telegraph. Now the video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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