Oct 182013
Living With Jigsaw Comedy Sketch

Jigsaw is of course the psychotic, evil clown who tortures his victims in the countless Saw films

But what happens when his movie career ends, and he needs an apartment?

Sure, it may seem cool at first to room with Jigsaw, but his evil and demented antics quickly become tiresome.  

Chris Capel demonstrates this in his new and trending comedy sketch, Living With Jigsaw, posted just in time for the Halloween season. 


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Oct 172013
Creepy Ghost Zombie Girl Walks By In Camera Phone Prank

In honor of Halloween, popular YouTube prankster Jack Vale contrived one of his spookiest pranks yet.

While on the boardwalk, Jack asked passersby to take his photo while he stood in front of a large wave collage. 

What the volunteers didn’t know is that Jack’s phone was actually playing a video he made before with a spooky zombie girl walking by. Naturally, the volunteers were chilled to the bone after seeing a zombie girl walk by in the phone that didn’t exist in real life. 


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Oct 172013
Carrie-Cinderella Trailer Mash Up Is Chilling

The classic 1976 horror flick Carrie has been rebooted for this Halloween season, and is already in theaters.

In that honor, mash-up master Cracker76 created this chilling concoction between the audio from the Carrie trailer and video from Disney’s Cinderella

The ten day old mash-up has gone viral, amassing over 200,000 hits. The clip is also featured across the web, such as on Neatorama, Slate, UpRoxx, and HuffPost


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Oct 082013
Scary Headless Man Prank

With Halloween just around the corner, the spooky pranks are really starting to pour in online.

And few can compete with magician and prank master Rahat

After scaring the pants off of fast food workers at the drive-thru with his skeleton driver prank, Rahat has returned to prank people at the park as the legendary headless man.

Rahat had people of all ages literally running for their lives in all directions after seeing an apparent monster from popular horror movies in real life. 


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