Aug 182014
Hero Truck Driver Pulls Grandmother And Baby Dranddaughter From Blazing Car Crash

David Frederickson was driving his truck on Mississippi’s I-10 through Biloxi like any other day when every driver’s fears occurred. A passenger sedan crashed into a semi-truck, hitting its gas tank. The car instantly burst into flames, locking the driver and her one year granddaughter in the fiery wreck. 

Thankfully, David Frederickson was prepared and had a fire extinusher on hand. He quickly ran to the wreck to calm the flames before pulling the survivors out of the car to safety. 


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Aug 142014
Police Officer Saves Woman Choking After Pulling Her Over

Cops have a bad reputation online. Thankfully, this Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer has turned the tide. While pulling a driver over in Kalamazoo, Jason Gates noticed the driver was choking. He quickly pulled her out of the car and performed the heimlich maneuver, saving her life. Understandably, the woman instantly burst into tears. 


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Aug 122014
Scare-bear Robot Is Creepy

After being terrorized by bears, one Turkish farmer decided to do something about it. Instead of a scarecrow, but invented a scare-bear. This giant robot with electrified chains will haunt your dreams. Shiver


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Aug 112014
Stop The Cycle Obesity Commercial Is A Wake Up Call

Obesity has become a serious killer in America and the developed world. This PSA by Your Nutrition Spot has gone viral over the weekend and is a real wake up call. The commercial demonstrates for the viewers how becoming morbidly obese doesn’t happen over night, but takes an entire life time of bad eating and health habits.


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Aug 072014
Bear Walking Upright Through Suburbs Is Creepy

When you go for a walk around the suburbs at sunrise you expect to encounter birds, squirrels, and may be a bunny rabbit. But Ian Bohman ran into something a little bit bigger than a bunny at 5 AM in his neighborhood in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. He caught a bear just strolling around the street on camera. What made the scene even more crazy was that the bear was walking upright like a person! Creepy. 


Via LaughingSquid

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