Dec 152014
Psycho Santa Claus Scare Prank Is Terrifying

The evil geniuses behind the viral terrifying clown prank videos have made another scary prank video in honor of the holidays. This time, DM Pranks Productions had a Santa Claus walk around town late at night and scare the pants off of unsuspecting passersby. 

Christmas is ruined! Clean up on aisle two, please. 


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Dec 142014
Tornado In South Los Angeles Is Terrifying

A small tornado touched down in south central Los Angeles on Friday morning, ripping up trees and damaging roofs. The National Weather Service confirmed that it was an EF-0 tornado, the smallest kind of tornado, and that thankfully no one was injured. 


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Dec 032014
Husband Pranks Wife, Pretends To Throw Son Off Second Floor

Prankster Roman Atwood is known online for his brutal pranks, but he may have taken things too far for his latest prank. He was playing with his young son wearing a Spiderman costume on the second floor when mom came home. Roman asked her for a drink and that’s when he had his son hide in the bedroom, and threw a dummy wearing the same Spiderman costume off the second floor. Mom naturally freaked and was not happy when Roman revealed it was all for his YouTube channel.

Now, the prank video has exploded surrounded by the controversy of the extreme gag with over 8 million hits! What do you think? All good fun or not cool, too far?


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Dec 022014
Biker Wearing GoPro Is Chased By Bear

This video by Mr.Gregor was posted a month ago, but it has only exploded online now with over 3 million new views! Gregor claims he was going for a nice bike ride on a path through the woods when he met a bear! The bear gave chase, and he had to bike for his life! Except, most viewers aren’t buying it. The entire escape was captured on his GoPro helmet camera. What do you think? Legitimate or scam?


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Nov 202014
Chilling Footage From Inside Florida State University Library During Lockdown After Shooting

Early Thursday morning, there was a shooting at Florida State University’s Stozier Library. Recent news reports indicitate that three people have been injured, and that the suspect was fatally wounded by police. Florida State University Student Newspaper The Independent Florida Alligator has published this chilling video taken by a student who was huddled together with a large group inside the library when instructions were given on the intercom. 

Read more on ABC News, The New York Times, and CNN


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