Mar 142014
Adorable Baby Gorilla Born In Rare C-section

It’s not everyday you get to see a newborn baby gorilla.

The Associated Press reports that veterinarians at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park successfully performed a Caesarean-section operation on a pregnant gorilla and both mom and baby are doing fine.

The little guy looks remarkably similar to a newborn human baby. 

So cute!


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Dec 182013
Traffic Reorganized By Color

Artist Cy Kuckenbaker has gone viral with his eye opening new piece on midday traffic.

He took a 4-minute video of the Washington Street bridge above State Route 163 in San Diego, and went to work on the footage at home. 

By reorganizing the cars by color on his computer, he was able to create a beautiful pattern, almost like a dynamic car rainbow.

Now, this is contemporary art the Internet can stand behind. 


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Aug 172013

This 2011 video by the San Diego Zoo has gone viral now after trending on the front page of Reddit, and now stands with over half a million views

Crikey is the popular kookaburra bird at the zoo that visitors love to listen to. When zoo goers roll their R’s together, the kookaburra answers them with its iconic laugh call. Truly a one of a kind. 


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Jul 312013

As a promotion for the new Assassin’s Creed 4 video game that is set for release at the end of October, Ubisoft worked with popular YouTube cinematographer Devin Supertramp to produce yet another Assassin’s Creed-inspired parkour video. 

The last two AC free-running videos Devin produced starred athlete Ronnie Shalvis, but as he needed some downtime, Chris Romwell stepped in to perform equally impressive parkour jumps and tricks around downtown San Diego when Comic-Con 2013 was still being held at the time. 


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Jul 222013

Comedic band Paul and Storm performed their goofy song Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin) on stage at the W00tstock 5.0 event at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con. As its title suggests, the song pokes fun at nerd favorite author George R.R. Martin.

But in the middle of their performance, GRRM himself slowly walked onto the stage. The drummer quickly ran, but the lead guitarist didn’t notice him until it was too late.

GRRM simply took the guitar, dropped it on the ground, and stomped it to piece, causing the crowd to cheer louder and louder. 

Veronica Belmont caught the whole scene on camera, and now her YouTube video has gone viral. It has already garnered more than 350,000 views over the weekend. 


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