May 212013

While America and other Western countries are hyper focused on the debate over same sex marriage legislation, many people overlook the fact that 76 countries in the world still criminalize people of the LGBT community. 

Around the globe in 2013, gays are still treated as second class citizens, with some even facing the death penalty.

UN HUMAN RIGHTS posted this commercial, titled The Riddle, last week to expose the injustice and violence millions of LGBT people endure with the hopes that one day they won’t have to.  


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May 212013

Seventeen year old Zach Sobiech has become somewhat of an Internet celebrity. With only months to live after fighting a rare form of cancer for too long, Zach turned to music to find his peace.

His song Clouds quickly went viral online, garnering millions of hits, and was even covered by famous celebrities

Now, after his very sad and untimely passing, this twenty minute documentary published by Soul Pancake about Zach has gone viral, amassing over one million views just over the past few days. The video is further featured on UpWorthy, People, and NowMSN.


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Apr 242013

Last summer, Kim Clark and her team created a series entirely based on this powerful interview, called Big Questions. But only has the video gone viralviral, amassing over 350,000 views in just one day after appearing on Reddit.

Homeless man Ronald Davis discusses the trials and tribulations of being homeless in Chicago. He truly puts things in perspective when he tells the interviewers how he can’t get a job without a phone, and can’t get a phone without a job. 

“I’ve had people walk past me and say, ‘get a job bum.’ I’m not a bum. I’m a human being,” says Ronald as he holds back tears. 

Now, it seems Ronald is the new homeless star of the web, just like Ted Williams, aka The Man With The Golden Voice. The story has already been picked up by Gawker and HuffingtonPost


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Apr 122013

Osartist published this heartwarming video over three years ago, but it has only gone viral now after being posted on Reddit. Years ago, this very large and very special family adopted a girl from out of state. 

Unfortunately, her foster sister whom she had grown very close to was ineligible for adoption. After waiting years, the foster sister had finally become an adult, outgrowing the foster system, so the family thought ‘better late than never’ and brought her into their ever growing family.


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Mar 192013

There are countless cute videos of adorable flower girls walking down the aisle. The precious video from 2011 of a flower girl who picked up the flower petals instead of dropping the ones in her basket stands with over 1.2 million views

But this has to be the first video where a very upset flower girl runs down the aisle screaming for mama

Dmpeiffer posted the wedding video last week and now it stands with over 160,000 views, and is further featured on Today, NowMSN, and CafeMom.


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