Jan 172014
This Compilation Of A Young Woman’s Tweets Before She Passing Will Break Your Heart, But Also Inspire You

Shannon McKarney never even met Amanda, aka @TrappedAtMyDesk, but she was inspired to share her Twitter story.

Amanda was like any Twitter user at first, posting tweets about life, work, and family.

But her tweets turn melancholic after she learned she had Glioblastoma Multiforme, a vicious form of brain cancer.

She quickly began to look for the meaning of life.

She traveled to South America. She called her mom who she hadn’t spoken to in years.

“Don’t spend time being angry at people. Forgive them. Life is entirely too short,” she tweeted five days before leaving our world.

What does Shannon want you to take from this touching heart-breaker?

“My challenge to you for 2014: Look at what you’ve left behind. What is your legacy?” 


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Dec 212013
Two Years After Passing, Woman Gives The Greatest Christmas Gift To Her Husband And Family

Every holiday season, STAR 102.5 grants a Christmas wish for a worthy person. 

This year, they called in David Schmitz to read him a touching letter his late-wife had sent in two years after her passing.

Nearly the entire room was in tears by the end of the powerful letter in which she asked for her family to be taken on a pampered vacation.

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Dec 122013
What One Photographer Did To Make His Wife Stricken With Cancer Smile Will Brighten Your Dad

Bob and Linda Carey were crushed when they found out Linda had breast cancer. 

Bob felt helpless and didn’t know what to do or how to help his soul mate.

He decided to seek therapy for Linda doing what he knows best as a photographer. To bring light and happiness into her life, he took professional, yet goofy, pictures of himself in a pink tutu. 

At first, the photographs simply made Linda laugh and smile, but after awhile even Bob began to heal from the project. 

Now, The Tutu Project has gone viral, and has been featured in this German tele-com commercial


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Nov 012013
Passenger Records Dramatic Water Cannon Salute And Speech For Fallen Soldier On His Flight

Johnny Jet thought his Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles was a mundane flight like any other.

But he and the rest of the passengers learned 45 minutes before landing that there was a military escort on board transporting a fallen soldier. 

He recorded the dramatic water cannon salute by the fire department to honor the soldier, and the short, yet powerful, speech from one of the officials. 

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the man said to a perfectly silent cabin. “I just addressed the escort. It is a sworn oath to bring home, to the family, the fallen. Today you all did that. You are all escorts. Escorts of the heart.”

Johnny further recollected the somber mood on the plane on his blog post.

“The water glistening on the windowpanes looked like tears. As you can imagine, everyone was silent, no one got up. I’m sure most had meteor-sized lumps in their throats and tears in their eyes like I did.”


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Oct 212013
Dad Breaks Down After News Of Son Passing Math Class

YouTuber Ariamark admits that he has always struggled in school, especially in math class. Making matters worse, in England, one requires at least a C “to basically do anything with your life.”

So when he finally showed dad the good news of a passing grade, his father could only break down in relief and happiness.

Now, the touching reaction video is going viral.


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