Sep 132011

Shirley, an orangutan at the Malacca zoo in Malaysia has been caught on camera smoking cigarettes thrown to her from zoo guests. The zoo now claims they are taking care of her ‘smoking habits,’ and she has ‘quit’ cold turkey. People are outraged by the video, featured on Arbroath


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Sep 112011

John Vigiano had two sons, John Jr. and Joe. When they grew up, Joe decided to be a policeman. John Jr. wanted to go into business, but after seeing the brotherhood of the FDNY, decided to become a firefighter. Everyday the two sons would call around the same time, and say, ‘I love you,’ to their dad. 9/11 would be no different. 


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Sep 072011

Jimmy Kimmel frequently featured his Uncle Frank on his late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sadly, at the age of 77, Uncle Frank passed away. Jimmy made this touchy tribute video for Uncle Frank to honor his late night fun. Even those who aren’t fans of the show will get teary eyed.  The video is being passed around all over the the Internet, and is shared by TheDailyWhat, JPMoore, TastefullyO, Reddit, and GossipCop to name a few.


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Sep 062011

Using animals in for scientific testing has been a controversial issue for years. It’s easy to look down on animals as simply not human, so they don’t deserve to be treated in a humane way. But after watching this clip of lab imprisoned chimps being let outside for the first time, you can see how similar we truly are to our ape cousins as they literally cheer, dance, and hug in celebration. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost.


Rough translation of the German from a YouTuber:

For the first time in their lives, the chimps see the sun. They lived in a lab for decades and this is the first moment they get to walk outside. “They hugged as if saying ‘we’re finally free’.. and after such a long time, it’s as if they’re saying ‘I can’t believe it!’ to their friends.” At 1:30 the man talks about how he saw a chimp looking at a butterfly and remembering it from her childhood.


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