Sep 302011

Modern technology and advancements in medicine are changing people’s lives everyday. Some people born deaf are finally hearing for the first time with new hi-tech hearing aids. This woman is 29 years old and was born deaf. She was just fitted with a new device that might give her some hearing. When it’s turned on and she finally hears her own voice for the first time she naturally becomes very emotional. Her face lights up and she begins to cry. The video is going viral on Reddit




Update 1/13/12: TLC does an update. 


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Sep 262011

Jamey Rodemeyer was only fourteen when the constant bullying at school became too much to handle. Jamey ended his life on 9/19. At this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival, Lady Gaga paid tribute to the young boy who was also a huge Lady Gaga fan. The video is shared by CNN and Matt Stopera. Read more on DailyMail


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Sep 212011

Jamey Rodemeyer was only fourteen years old, but years of gay bullying finally pushed him over the edge. Last Sunday, Jamey was found dead from suicide.

He posted an It Gets Better video back in May that ironically just went viral now. Sadly, like in so many cases, Jamey is only getting attention after it is too late. Let’s not let this happen again. Read more on WIVB.


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Sep 192011

Being born with a clef lip can crush a child’s spirits and cause other physical problems too. But in poor countries, it’s much more difficult to pay for the surgery, if it’s even available. Australian plastic surgeon  volunteers in impoverished countries and performs the procedure free of charge. Here is the heart warming story of one of his patients from Brazil. The video is going viral on Reddit via TheDailyWhat.   


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Sep 132011

Shirley, an orangutan at the Malacca zoo in Malaysia has been caught on camera smoking cigarettes thrown to her from zoo guests. The zoo now claims they are taking care of her ‘smoking habits,’ and she has ‘quit’ cold turkey. People are outraged by the video, featured on Arbroath


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