Nov 282011

This stray kitten was found in a garage malnourished, flea infested, and with horrible facial wounds. Instead of euthanizing the hurt kitty, the veterinarian decided to operate and try to save the cat. After some kitty reconstructive facial surgery, the cat was all back to normal and now is living a happy, fulfilling life. 


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Nov 172011

The bullying epidemic in America is very serious, causing some kids to commit suicide. But no one expects the bullying to come from a teacher. They are the ones who are supposed to look out for kids, especially special needs students. Julio Artuz goes to Bankbridge Regional School in Gloucester County, New Jersey, and after being bullied by his teacher one too many times, recorded the mean old man yelling at him and belittling him. Read more on NBCPhiladelphia


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Nov 162011

Everyone knows the formula for a sad tribute video. Sad music plays as the camera zooms in on a picture of a certain person that is ill or has passed on. As a brotherly prank, one guy took his brother’s prom picture and slowly zoomed in with serious music playing. It is simply labeled ‘A Tribute To My Brother’ with no further explanation. The camera keeps zooming in closer and closer to his face, giving away that the whole video is a fun prank. It was posted online in March, but just went viral now after the prankster posted it to Reddit


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Oct 262011

Everyday it seems there’s another horror story of a kid committing suicide because their peers torment and bully them so much. They just can’t take it anymore, and see death as their only escape. Delegates and politicians from New Jersey want the America and the world to know which side they stand on. They join the many other celebrities who have spoken out before, and make a video telling LGBT kids, teens, and really anyone, that it does get better. 


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Oct 252011

People are always very courteous and kind to disabled people. But there’s an invisible barrier between them and the rest of society. European based ProInfirmis made this PSA of a person in a cute bear giving hugs in public. People have no trouble hugging the bear, but only afterwards does the bear take off his head to reveal a disabled man.

Their point is you can give hugs to everyone, including disabled people, without them wearing a bear suit. Handicapped people are a regular part of our society. The video is going viral thanks to being shared by Willio.


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