Feb 082012

Professional skier, Josh Dueck, broke his back in 2004 when a skiing backflip went horribly wrong. But even after becoming paraplegic, the sportsman wouldn’t give up on his passion for skiing.

For eight long years, Josh has been practicing and building up his skills using a sit ski. Now he is ready to revisit the slopes, and become the first person to successfully complete a backflip on a sit ski. The video is featured on PowderMag, FreeSkier, and TheHighDefinite.


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Jan 242012

Viewers in Asia have a much longer attention span, and that can really be seen in their lengthy video advertisements. This emotional and touching commercial in honor of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, was created by rice distributor Bernas, and has quickly gone viral with English speaking audiences as well, being featured on Neatorama


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Jan 232012

Janet has recieved the worst news from her doctor. Unless she gets a bone marrow transplant soon, she could die within the next two months. Janet is truly crushed and terrified, and has turned to the Internet for help with this plea video. The kind nerds at Reddit heard her plea and helped make her video go viral. 

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Jan 212012

Twenty-eight year old boyfriend Chadil Deffy was planning to marry his girlfriend Sarinya Kamsook after a long, ten year relationship, but then tragedy struck. A day before the wedding, Sarinya was killed in a car accident. Chadil was crushed, but he decided to go on with the ceremony anyways. The video, which is naturally going viral in Thailand and other parts of Asia, is shared by OddityCentral and JessicaY.


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Jan 142012

There’s a special bond between man and canine that is hard to put into words. But this rescue situation from two years ago that just went viral on Reddit really shows how serious that connection is.

In the small town of Theresa, New York, a yellow lab fell into an icy river, and couldn’t get out. The dog’s cries for help really pull on your heartstrings, but luckily, the fire department was able to rescue the pup. 


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