Feb 232012

Redditor kivakid approached the community with a question. His friend has terminal cancer and his doctors weren’t sure if he would make it past the summer. His dying wish was to finish The War That Came Early series by Harry Turtledove, but the last in the series isn’t set for release for some time. 

He asked Reddit if there was anyway he could get his hands on an early copy to give to his sick friend, he even wrote a letter to the author. As usual, Reddit went on a crusade to get an early copy, and was successful

Now, after receiving the special early copy, here’s the reaction video of him giving his sick friend a late b-day gift. Nachu is literally lost for words over the moving gift. 


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Feb 232012

 is a classic regular American middle aged man. Except that he has a secret online food show where he sits and eats fast food at his job. In this episode, he takes on the Arby’s Beef and Cheddar. He remarks how he was brainwashed as a child to think that there was actual roast beef on the sandwich. 


Thanks sammi!

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Feb 222012

Seven year old Matthew Grammer was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in 2009, and has been responding to treatment. To help keep his spirit and strength up, the awesome people at the Tulsa Make-A-Wish set out to make him a huge, drivable R2-D2. 

And boy were they successful. The R2-go kart was revealed with Matt inside at a huge Star Wars themed pep-rally organized by the seniors at Bishop Kelley high school. Read more on Geekologie and TulsaWorld


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Feb 082012

Professional skier, Josh Dueck, broke his back in 2004 when a skiing backflip went horribly wrong. But even after becoming paraplegic, the sportsman wouldn’t give up on his passion for skiing.

For eight long years, Josh has been practicing and building up his skills using a sit ski. Now he is ready to revisit the slopes, and become the first person to successfully complete a backflip on a sit ski. The video is featured on PowderMag, FreeSkier, and TheHighDefinite.


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Jan 242012

Viewers in Asia have a much longer attention span, and that can really be seen in their lengthy video advertisements. This emotional and touching commercial in honor of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, was created by rice distributor Bernas, and has quickly gone viral with English speaking audiences as well, being featured on Neatorama


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