Feb 062015
Russians Stop Cars From Driving On Sidewalk

Russia has a problem with selfish drivers who drive through the parks on the sidewalks as a short cut. Youth movement Стоп Хам is sick of these drivers so they started a sidewalk patrol, obstructing cars from getting through the sidewalks. 

Russian pedestrians and the Internet approves as this video already has over one million hits!


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Jan 272015
Concerned Dog ‘Saves’ Owner Going For A Swim

What a good boy! This dog is such a good lifeguard that he doesn’t hesitate for a moment when he sees his owner go under water while swimming in a lake. Who cares that the man was perfectly fine? This video from Russia has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Nov 272014
Passengers Pushing Airplane In Serbia

Imagine your flight is delayed because of bitter cold temperatures. OK, that’s not totally ridiculous. But imagine instead of waiting for the tarmac crew to spray the runway and airplane down, you were asked to get out in the frigid below freezing temperatures and literally help push the plane. That’s exactly what happened to one flight leaving Siberia. 

The Siberian Times published this crazy video of the event that has gone viral now. Oh Russia, you’re always able to surprise us Yankees. 


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Oct 092014
Russian Policeman Commandeers Car That Witnessed Hit And Run

As everyone on the Internet knows, things work a little bit differently in Russia. So when a driver witnessed a crazy, mostly likely drunk, hit and run, he wasn’t surprised when a nearby policeman jumped into his car and commanded him to give chase. Thrilling! The video is all in Russia, but you don’t have to understand the language to get the gist of what’s going on. 


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Oct 072014
Russian Is Overwhelmed By Pug Puppies

Having a rough day? There’s no way this adorable clip won’t enhance your mood. The older video by Russian YouTuber Анжелика Линник was posted in February, but is trending again now. A Russian man wearing a stereotypical striped shirt lies on the group and is simply overwhelmed by a parade of adorable pug puppies. It’s impossible to not smile. 


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