Dec 312013
Epic Giant Lego Great Ball Contraption Factory Part 2

Back in 2012, Lego specialist Akiyuky went viral with their impressive Great Ball Contraption Factory. That video now stands with over 9 million hits!

Now, they have finally returned with an updated track of balls being whizzed, launched, and transported with unique modular Lego machines. 

Can you follow the blue ball the entire run through?


Via TheAwesomer

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Dec 302013
World’s Largest K’nex Ball Machine

Avid K’nex specialist Austron claims to have built the world’s largest K’next ball machine which is housed at The Works Museum in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

And no one dares to debate his claim as the machine is truly colossal, standing over 23 feet tall and containing over 100,000 pieces. 

“It takes 3 and a half minutes for a ball to climb to the top of the tallest tower.” 

His fingers must be killing him. 


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Nov 222013
100,000 Dominoes Course Ends With Tallest Domino Structure Falling

Austrian Domino Art has gone viral, and has won a Guinness World Record, for their impressive 100,000 piece dominoes course

Built by 50 students of the HLUW Yspertal, the impressive course included countless pictures, symbols, and Rube Goldberg style tricks, and ended magnificently by collapsing the tallest dominoes structure ever built. 


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