Aug 182014
Fake Street Racing Prank

YouTube pranksters Roman Atwood and Vitaly borrowed some sweet sports cars, but had no track to go fast. So they did the next best thing. They decided to prank the cops by pulling up to a stop, revving their engines real loud, but driving off real slow. The police who saw them were still not too happy.


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Aug 142014
Stealing Car Tires Prank

Pranksters Roman Atwood and Vitaly teamed up for an epic prank. The two pretended to steal someone’s tire just as the driver was approaching their car. Naturally, people were not happy about the prank, but their mood changed when they were offered a gift card for brand new tires courtesy of Roman. 


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Jun 262014
ATM Robbery Prank Is A Really Bad Idea

It seems some online pranksters may have taken their shenanigans a little too far in search off views. Popular YouTube prankster Vitalyzd teamed up with Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady to pull of a fake ATM robbery in public. With many witnesses around, the three pulled up to a fake ATM they placed earlier and smashed it to pieces causing showers of fake cash to fly.

The local police didn’t take too kindly to the prank. Their arrests even made it on the local news!


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Feb 232014
Chasing Snake Prank

Prankster duo Roman Atwood and DennisRoady teamed up with Sam Pepper for an evil, yet hilarious, prank. 

They went to the park, and quietly attached a toy snake on a string to a person passing by. Then, they warned them that a snake was chasing them. 

No matter how fast they ran, the snake stayed right behind them.


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Jan 212014
Bear Attack Prank In Finland

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood recently visited the Dudesons in Finland, and of course couldn’t let the opportunity to prank some Finns go to waste.

As he was by the woods, Roman asked passersby to record him by a bear. Of course the bear was one of his teammates in a costume who attacked once they got too close.


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