Jan 182015
Husband Pranks Wife, Makes House One Giant Plastic Ball Pit

When mom is away, the kids and dad will play. Prankster Roman Atwood has made a habit out of pranking his wife. So when the Mrs. was out of the house, Roman called his friends over to help bring in a literal truck load of colorful plastic balls

Biggest plastic ball pit ever! 


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Dec 032014
Husband Pranks Wife, Pretends To Throw Son Off Second Floor

Prankster Roman Atwood is known online for his brutal pranks, but he may have taken things too far for his latest prank. He was playing with his young son wearing a Spiderman costume on the second floor when mom came home. Roman asked her for a drink and that’s when he had his son hide in the bedroom, and threw a dummy wearing the same Spiderman costume off the second floor. Mom naturally freaked and was not happy when Roman revealed it was all for his YouTube channel.

Now, the prank video has exploded surrounded by the controversy of the extreme gag with over 8 million hits! What do you think? All good fun or not cool, too far?


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Nov 272014
Blowing Cash Prank

In honor of Thanksgiving, Roman Atwood wanted pull off a prank of kindness. While walking down the street, Roman would drop some cash from his briefcase and at that moment his friend would blow the cash all over with his leaf blower. Who will be honest and who will be greedy? Happy Thanksgiving!


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Nov 032014
Orphanage Robbery Prank Has A Happy Ending

Prankster Roman Atwood teamed up with online computer store TigerDirect to help a needy orphanage. Jafco Children’s Village helps house needy and abused children, and naturally cannot afford to update their tech very often. Roman and TigerDirect set up a fake robbery at the Village only to shock the social workers with brand new computers and equipment. 


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Oct 272014
Devil Toddler Prank Is Your Worst Nightmare

With Halloween just around the corner, YouTuber pranksters are rushing to produce terrifying prank videos. Popular prankster Roman Atwood dressed his cute two year old son as an evil devil child to terrify passersby late at night. What’s creepier than discovering a toddler late at night wearing a spooky mask and holding a knife? Not much. RUN!


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