Dec 032012

Remember Carly Rose Sonenclar, the thirteen year old who took this season of The X Factor by storm? Her original performance singing Feeling Good currently stands with over 18 million views!

Her latest performance on the popular talent show, singing Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, debuted online last Wednesday night, and already, the clip has over two million hits


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Jun 292012

 made a name for themselves online with their dog parody of famous pop songs, like Somebody That I Used To Know and Call Me Maybe.

Now, the animal group has returned with a doggy spoof of last year’s hit from Adele, Rolling In The Deep. The cover is featured on TheDailyWhat, BuzzFeed, and PopDust.


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Apr 262012

In just one day since being published, ‘ latest cover has already amassed over 380,000 views. The indy fusion band put a funky, jazzy upbeat twist on Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, making the hit single something else entirely. 


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Mar 192012

Adele has really become an international super star. Her music knows no bounds, being covered by artists around the globe. Her latest fan to go viral is  for his amazing cover of Rolling In The Deep performed on the traditional Chinese string instrument, the guzheng. The week old cover video stands with 350,000 views, and is featured by TheDailyWhat


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Jan 182012

SOPA and PIPA haven’t been passed yet, so YouTubers can still enjoy covering their favorite pop songs online. One of the most popular songs now is still Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, and there are countless YouTube covers of the moving song.  took 71 of the best covers and mashed them up to create the ultimate Rolling In The Deep cover song. 


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