Nov 182014
Squirrel Steals GoPro, Carries It Up Tree

Squirrels and other wild rodents are now in overdrive, collecting and hoarding as much food as possible for the long, cold winter. Viva Frei attached a piece of bread to a GoPro camera, and laid it on the ground to record the squirrels. He never would have guessed that the little squirrel would actually take the camera with the bread up a tree. Thankfully, after realizing the plastic and metal of the camera didn’t taste that good, the little guy dropped the camera down. 

This week old video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views


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Nov 182014
Tiny Hamster Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner

YouTube channel HelloDenizen struck gold when they first introduced their adorable tiny hamster eating a delicious tiny burrito video. That original clip, and the subsequent follow ups, have millions of views! Now, the chef of all things tiny has returned with his cute furry friend to enjoy a classic Thanksgiving dinner. Just a tiny one.

This time, the entire tiny hamster family comes to the table to enjoy tiny turkey, tiny pie, and more! Too cute to handle!!


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Nov 042014
River Boarder Rescues Trapped Squirrel

River boarder Thomas Paterson was traveling down a stream in Ottawa, Canada when he noticed a cute squirrel trapped on some rocks. The little guy was stranded as the surrounding waters were too rough to swim through. Thomas decided to rescue the little guy and transport the squirrel to dry land. 


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Sep 172014
Tiny Hamster VS Kobayashi Eating Contest

Takeru Kobayashi is one of the world’s fastest competitive eaters out there. After a slew of successful viral rodent videos, Hello Denizen has teamed up with Kobyashi to hold an eating contest of adorable proportions. They pit their cute little hamster against Kobyashi in a classic hot dog eating competition. Don’t worry, the hamster’s ‘hot dogs’ were made of healthy rodent food likes grapes, dates, or carrots. 

Naturally, this ridiculous video has instantly gone viral. 


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Aug 272014
Passersby Help Prairie Dog Stuck In Hole

This ridiculous and adorable video supposedly originated in Russia. The video description translated from Russian says: Someone ate too much and paid for it. Stuck in his own hole in the middle of the main road of Olkhon. Had to bail out gluttonous gopher.”

That pretty much says it all. While driving down the rode, the car occupants noticed a prairie dog stuck in a hole. After stopping, they were able help the chubby guy out of the hole. Adorable. 


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