Jul 292015
Pet Rat Tricks Might Surprise You

When most people hear the word ‘rat’ only negative images come to mind. Vermin. Diseased. Gross. But Abby Roeser wants people to know that rats are just as cute, fluffy, and friendly as any other pet or rodent. They’re also surprisingly smart. In this clip, Abby shows off the impressive tricks she has taught her rats, such come, retrieve a tissue, and more!


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Jul 222015
Jedi Chipmunks Are Adorably Strong With The Force

Before Jar Jar Binks, Star Wars fans hated the Ewoks. But now the cute little bear creatures that helped destroy the Death Star seem perfectly cool compared to the annoying, goofy Gungan. Speaking of cute furry creatures in the Star Wars universe, VidGeo had the epipheny to take a video of two chipmunks horsing around, and ingeniously added light sabers to the clip. Now, this adorably nerdy video of two chipmunks having a lightsaber duel has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Jul 032015
Waterskiing Squirrel Is The Best

It wasn’t only humans who entertained crowds at this year’s X Games Austin. Twiggy the squirrel entertained guests with her impressive waterskiing skills. Her human controlled a toy remote control boat in a small pool that pulled a tiny platform perfect for Twiggy to grab onto and waterski! The GoPro camera on the back of the boat captured the entire scene in this viral video!


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Jun 212015
Squirrel Dives Into Dugout At Phillies Game

Most fans dream about getting to just peak into the dugout at a major league baseball game. But it wasn’t a person who sneaked into the dugout at a Phillies game. Vetfanz06 was in the stands when they noticed a squirrel walking across a wire above the stands. The entire crowd gasped when the little rodent literally dove right into the dugout causing the players to literally jump up! This video has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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Jun 022015
Tiny Hamster Turns Into An Adorable Godzilla

Hello Denizen has been very successful with her adorable ‘tiny hamster’ videos. Now, she has taken the concept to the next level by building a tiny metropolis which is ‘attacked’ after her cute golden hamster turns into a Godzilla. This video is all based on her new cute children’s book, “Tiny Hamster Is a Giant Monster,” which is available for preorder. 


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