Jan 042016
NY Subway Rat Pulls Dead Rat Down Stairs

Remember Pizza Rat? The rat in the New York City subway that was captured on camera carrying a huge slice of pizza down the stairs? That video stands with over 8.9 million views! Now, JB José is going viral after posting this troubling video featuring a rat carrying a dead rat down the stairs in the subway. Is the rat carrying the dead one to grieve, or perhaps for more nefarious reason? Ewww. 


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Nov 092015
Remote Control Pizza Rat In New York Prank

Remember the Subway rat who went viral after attempting to carry a slice of pizza away to its burrow? That video has over 8 million views! That viral video gave PrankvsPrank a great idea. So they put a toy rat and a slice of pizza on top of a small remote control car and drove it around the streets of Manhattan. Naturally, people were quick to jump out of the way of the pizza rat!


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Nov 062015
X-Ray Of  Stuffed Hamster’s Cheeks Is Adorably Interesting

The adorable hamster is probably the most popular pet rodent at the pet store. They’re just so cute and don’t have the long, slithery tail mice and rats have. Also, the way they stuff their faces with food is simply precious. But it’s actually quite scientifically interesting how the hamster can wiggle in those cage tubes and stuff it’s face. Nature on PBS explains with the help of an x-ray in this clip


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Oct 242015
Tiny Hamster Host A Tiny Halloween Party

The leaves are falling, the weather is getting cooler, and football season is upon us. That means it’s almost Halloween, one of the Internet’s favorite holidays. As her cute hamsters have enjoyed so many holiday parties already, Hello Denizen put on an adorably tiny Halloween party for her cute rodent friends. So cute! 


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Oct 132015
Rat And Pigeon Battle It Out In Brooklyn, New York

Everything is just so congested in New York City, it’s hard to go through the day without getting into a squabble with someone at least once. And apparently, this doesn’t only apply to humans. While walking the streets of the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, John Freund found a rat and a pigeon, the two unofficial animals of NYC, fighting a serious battle. The clip has instantly gone viral!


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