Jun 212015
Squirrel Dives Into Dugout At Phillies Game

Most fans dream about getting to just peak into the dugout at a major league baseball game. But it wasn’t a person who sneaked into the dugout at a Phillies game. Vetfanz06 was in the stands when they noticed a squirrel walking across a wire above the stands. The entire crowd gasped when the little rodent literally dove right into the dugout causing the players to literally jump up! This video has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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Jun 022015
Tiny Hamster Turns Into An Adorable Godzilla

Hello Denizen has been very successful with her adorable ‘tiny hamster’ videos. Now, she has taken the concept to the next level by building a tiny metropolis which is ‘attacked’ after her cute golden hamster turns into a Godzilla. This video is all based on her new cute children’s book, “Tiny Hamster Is a Giant Monster,” which is available for preorder. 


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May 132015
Tiny Hamster Has A Tiny Tiki Party

Hello Denizen loves throwing parties for her adorable hamster. Now that it’s finally warmer outside, she decided to host an adorably tiny tiki party with her hammie and their guest porcupine. The two enjoyed adorably tiny tropical cocktails and even a pupu platter. 

No, it does not get any cuter. 


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Mar 132015
Smart Squirrel Figures Out How To Eat From Bird Feeder

Many bird feeders are created with a shield to block off little critters like mice and squirrels from eating all of the bird food. But this smart squirrel figured out how to grab a snack from the feeder anyways. The little guy climbed a nearby fence and took a giant leap of faith to land right on top of the mother load of food. This video is actually five years old, but has only gone viral now.


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Feb 092015
Tiny Hamster Has An Adorable Tiny Valentine’s Day Date

Humans aren’t the only ones celebrating their love this Valentine’s Day. Hello Denizen loves their cute hamster, so they set up an adorable little date for him and his girlfriend. The two little furballs have a tiny date, at a tiny Italian restaurant, and enjoy the tiniest, cutest spaghetti and meatballs dinner. Does it get any cuter? 


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