Mar 222016
Apple’s New Robot Takes Apart And Recycles iPhones

Apple is most famous for the iPhone. Back in the day, you would keep your computer and phone for years. Not anymore. The giant tech company has perfected the concept of selling consumers seemingly disposable technology. 

After years of people literally throwing their iPhones away, Apple is doing something to make the recycling process cleaner and more efficient. So they built Liam, a giant robot that disassembles iPhones so the parts can live on. 


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Mar 012016
Real Dog ‘Battles’ With Dog Robot

The idea of a robotic pet is becoming more and more of a reality. Google’s Boston Dynamics group already has a super high tech four-legged creature called spot that is pretty dog like. In this viral video Spot plays with, or depending how you look at it, ‘battles’ a real dog. Who shall win? This video has over 300,000 hits!


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Feb 182016
Hotel Room Service Robot Deliversg Snack

We are currently on the cusp of a robotic revolution. Most of us still don’t interact with robots on a daily basis, but that soon will change. Already, many hotels are introducing robots to deliver items to guests. 

After ordering a snack from the front desk, Pâté Smith was pleased to discover a robot was tasked with the delivery. 


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