May 252013

The popular 90′s show Friends ended nearly a decade ago, but many fans still miss Rachel, Chandler, and the gang. One of those dedicated fans happens to be Ellen Degeneres who has the star power bring her favorite characters back to life. 

As Jennifer Aniston just recently guest starred on her show, Ellen used to influence to recruit Matthew Perry and even Courteney Cox to appear in this short sketch comedy skit which aired the same day. 

Already, the ‘Friends’ Reunion video has collected over 2 million hits


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Dec 162012

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas has been an American holiday tradition since it originally aired in 1965.

But after so many years, Charlie Brown and the gang have all grown older. Naturally, things have also become more depressing.

Animation Domination High Def reimagined what a Peanuts reunion might look like, and just over the weekend, their new video has already amassed over 100,000 views, and has been featured on HuffPost, DailyWhat, DoobyBrain, and TheFW


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Nov 132012

This emotional video was posted on the tear-jerking Welcome Home Blog over a week ago, but it has only seriously started to trend now. It currently stands with over 425,000 views, and is further featured on ABCNews, Military, Babble, and HuffPost

Last May, for his son’s Star Wars birthday party, US Navy sailor dad made a special trip home to surprise his son. To incorporate the surprise with the party, dad dressed up as Darth Vader and battled his son in a light saber duel.

Only after being defeated did Dad Vader unveil that, “I am your father.” 


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Oct 182012

Perhaps it’s because nearly every American watched Disney‘s animated classic Dumbo as a kid that we all seem to have a very special place in our hearts for elephants, especially baby ones. 

That’s what makes this latest video from elephant research and conservation project Amboseli Trust for Elephants that has started to trend now so special.

An eight month old calf became stuck in a shallow well with his mom nearby who was becoming visibly ever more frustrated not being to save her baby. 

Luckily, the the Trust got word of the issue and sent two jeeps to check out the situation. After some hard work they were successful. 

There are few things cuter than seeing a baby elephant run full speed after mom. “Moooom! Wait for meee!”


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Oct 082012

When someone decides to serve their country, people often forget the sacrifice their whole family has to endure. One such family is the Faile family from South Carolina.

Their husband and dad Sergeant First Class Scott Faile had been serving over seas for a very long time, so when the family was honored on the field at this past weekend’s Gamecocks game, they naturally became emotional when they saw Scott give a touching message on the jumbo video board. 

What they never expected was after the message for Scott to appear home from war early to greet them with open arms as the crowd cheered like crazy. 

This is America. 


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