Oct 162013
Lost Indian Boy Finds His Way Home 25 Years Later With Google Maps

At the tender age of just five years old, Saroo Munshi Khan fell asleep on a train in India with his brother, and awoke with no one else on board. He was lost in a country with over one billion people. 

He was adopted by a caring Australian family who put a map of India in his room so he would never forget his roots. 

Saroo always wanted to find his family, but with only faint memories, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. That is, until Google Maps and Google Earth opened up his home country right on his computer. 

“It was a needle in a haystack, but, the needle was there.”


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Oct 102013
Elephant Family Reunion

They say an elephant never forgets. And it seems that is the case in this new touching animal video by Joan Young.

The short clip showcases an elephant calf and mom reuniting with dad even though there are hundreds of other elephants at the park.

The video is trending after appearing on sites like DailyPicks, Arbroath, Neatorama, and RightThisMinute.


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Sep 232013
Army Captain Surprises Daughter At Wisconsin Badger Football Game

Do military family reunions ever get old online? Of course not! Who can resist a touching family moment between people who sacrifice so much for their country?

At a recent Wisconsin Badgers game, 8th grader Bella was honored as being part of such a family.

Her mother, Captain Jane Renee “JR” Lund, had been serving in Afghanistan for too long, but little did Bella know that she was in for a big surprise at the game

As usual, get the tissues. 


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Jul 202013

Any regular viewer of Late Night knows that Jimmy Fallon is absolutely obsessed with nostalgia from the 90′s.

As a huge fan of the 90′s favorite Full House, Jimmy was able to schedule a reunion of Uncle Jesse’s TV band Jesse & The Rippers on his show. 

John Stamos finally had the opportunity to put down the yogurt spoon and pick up the guitar again to perform a slew of classic FH tunes in this new viral video.  


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May 252013

The popular 90′s show Friends ended nearly a decade ago, but many fans still miss Rachel, Chandler, and the gang. One of those dedicated fans happens to be Ellen Degeneres who has the star power bring her favorite characters back to life. 

As Jennifer Aniston just recently guest starred on her show, Ellen used to influence to recruit Matthew Perry and even Courteney Cox to appear in this short sketch comedy skit which aired the same day. 

Already, the ‘Friends’ Reunion video has collected over 2 million hits


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